No i in Team!!!No i in Team!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Today’s mental workout for reflection Fridays spotlights the value of teamwork. If opposing politicians can work together, then anything is possible. In the coming year, whether you are embarking on a new business venture, trying to lose weight or beat an addiction, it’s very beneficial to seek the help of a partner or good teammate. As the Beatles said 'you can get by with a little help from your friends.' Building a strong support network can greatly increase your odds of success in any endeavor. Nobody needs to be an island, you may desire to pave your own path in life, that’s great, obviously that’s what we preach over here, however, you don’t need to build everything on your own. You certainly don’t need to walk the path alone either, bring others along with you. The path becomes much more enjoyable when you can share the experience with others. They help you with your path, you help them with theirs. Gaining valuable feedback from those you trust can open your mind to new opportunities. Team bonding raises spirits, enthusiasm becomes infectious, find passionate people who believe in your cause. Team up and bond together like colors to create new possibilities.

Building a strong, positive team around you and your goals creates remarkable synergy. Collaboration can give life to creative concepts, the sum becomes greater than the parts. Magic happens when people feed off each other, find the right partner or partners to bring out the very best in you. You can certainly accomplish much more than you ever thought possible. A teammate pushes you to give more than you ever knew you had inside you. Why do you think the Beatles ruled the world for so long, they found the winning combination; they loved working together and challenging each other to perform at the highest level, at least until Yoko showed up. Just kidding, we know Yoko didn’t break them up, there were a variety of reasons, however, the world should be happy they stayed together so long, after all, they were just some regular blokes from Liverpool. In building a team, it’s smart strategy to seek a partner to deliver the skills and talents you may not possess. Find complimentary partners to bring some balance to your world. Keep in mind to surround yourself with those that challenge you to think and act differently, don’t be ego inflated by yes men who rubber stamp all your ideas.

Seek partners that inspire you, there’s nothing like the power of being 'in the zone.' If you believe in your mission, you will take the correct action steps day in day out. After spending time with inspirational people, you feel energized and revitalized, maintaining that type of atmosphere not only makes things much smoother, but also more productive. Inspirational teammates can help you achieve the impossible. There are always going to be challenges on the road to success, find the right people that can help you shoulder the burden. Surrounding yourself with the right team allows you to take more risks, be confident that the team will always have your back should things not turn out as planned. The right teammates don’t point fingers when things go wrong, they understand it’s all part of the process on the journey to success. A healthy team environment fosters personal growth, everybody can learn and share ideas together. Camaraderie builds trust and brings satisfaction as you pull your resources to make things happen. Find the ideal partner for superb interaction, combine your oxygen with their hydrogen to create the perfect water of life.

We’ll end the week with both sad and good news. A heart-wrenching story out of Staten Island, as Hurricane Sandy hit, some young lady and her young sons sought refuge at a nearby house, but apparently the homeowner didn’t open his doors and the tiny boys got swept away in the storm. Let’s not forget that we all ultimately play on the same team, the human team. As we countdown to the end of the year, it’s important to reflect on your achievements for the year. Assess how your goals and plans have turned out, after all, if you don’t evaluate your own goals, who do you expect to do it for you, the government, don’t think you want that kind of teamwork! In the coming year, we hope to invite more people to accomplish their goals with a groundbreaking personal development platform, the Motivation to take Action Network. We wish to empower more individuals across the world by providing a free coaching platform that will transform lives. Stay tuned and gain access to a team support network that will keep you accountable and sustain your efforts to accomplish those new year’s resolutions and then some. Enjoy the weekend and as always, make it a team mental workout.