No woman left behind!!!No woman left behind!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Political Thursdays enters a very challenging battlefield indeed. The fight over women’s basic rights or religious freedom, apparently both are mutually exclusive. It’s rather remarkable if not discouraging that in the year 2012, men are still dictating to women about their own bodies. The men that make these laws whether in the Vatican brotherhood or in the back rooms of the GOP seem to neglect the basic rights of women over their own bodies. Besides the fact that women represent the only miracle men see after their birth, of course from a woman, well, we presume so in most cases anyhow, but should the Vatican really be the authority anymore. Really what do the Vatican know about women, not a whole lot I would imagine and what do primarily the conservative GOP know about women, not much either, about their own wives we mean, they can probably tell you a whole lot about their mistresses.

This is not just an opportunity for us here at the mental workout to excoriate religion, we just want to shed some different light on the issue. Nobody of course wants to see the Federal government overstepping its boundaries into religious freedom, after all the whole concept of the entire nation was constructed on it. However there’s no doubt that this has turned into an opportunity for political expediency as is usually the case in these situations. The white house could certainly have handled it differently and the uproar from both the Catholic Church and conservative base is clearly overblown. 28 states already approve this measure in some form requiring insurers cover full range of FDA approved contraceptive drugs, furthermore 17 of these states require coverage of related outpatient services. 98% of sexually active catholic women admit to using contraceptive drugs banned by the church. If you don’t believe in the reliability of these results then perhaps you have been on a rock somewhere, the America of the 21st century ain’t the same as the era of the Founding fathers. Birth may be a miracle here on the mental workout, apparently judging by the countless babies worldwide the odds must be getting much better.

Why we trust men with any decisions regarding women is beyond me. Some men are so blind and imperceptive to notice the slight nuances about a woman never mind comprehending the laws of the universe. It’s similar to the Victorian age when men tried to dictate to women what sort of books they should read. Men have a poor track record in respect to women's rights. Men denied women property rights even when they had Queens in charge. Go figure! Men conspired to prevent women to vote, they tried to keep women out of the workplace, enough is enough. Find a way to give a woman the full rights to her own body. That should be the first goal of those who claim to be for conservative principles, give a woman her own say with her body. It’s not the religion that sets the standard for human principles, it’s human decency first and foremost. Doesn’t the Catholic Church have enough to deal with trying to keep their own men in order? Doesn’t the country have enough problems to deal with including those that have already been born. We have seriously pressing challenges as a nation and this is what we choose to focus on. In our supposedly free society, the government shouldn’t mandate something against religious conscience. One does understand the predicament of the Catholic authorities, break the government’s law or break God’s law. One gets you in jail time perhaps, the other keeps you in prison for life. Surely some compromise can be reached that these matters are better dealt with at a state level without need for noticeably political expediency on both sides. As always, I hope you enjoyed your political mental workout.