Paint your life's masterpiece!!!Paint your life's masterpiece!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Today’s mental workout is dedicated to dedication. Most things meaningful and worthwhile tend to take serious application and devotion. Most times on the mountain climb to success in one’s endeavors, so many people quit right before they are about to get over the hump of their challenge, after which things will become easier. Just imagine the enormous task Michelangelo had, to paint the entire ceiling of the Vatican, most painters would have barked at the idea of just doing one wall never mind an entire ceiling. It would take him four long years working every day 20 hours a day through holidays too and taking very little breaks. I wonder what the hump was for Michelangelo, where do you think he had to push himself to get to so he could carry that momentum downhill. One can only imagine the neck and back pain he had to suffer through painting in such awkward positions for so long. The truth is that we can’t really imagine what it was like for Michelangelo because he really enjoyed what he was doing. He basically worked for free as he didn’t spend much of his wealth throughout his life. He probably didn’t even have a hump to overcome, he most likely enjoyed every single moment of it. Mind over matter. He set his mind to a task. He had a huge advantage though over many in life, he actually found what gave him strength and power. Have you dedicated yourself to your passion in life to unlock your true potential.

Michelangelo was dedicated to the chapel because he wanted to send an ironic message to mankind which literally went over everyone’s heads especially the pope. Even though the pope commissioned the work and of course Michelangelo couldn’t turn the pope down, that would have been sacrilege back then, especially considering the pope commanded vast armies back then. It’s a shame people have no understanding of the history of the Vatican which if they knew would explain much of modern day handling of certain situations. But as usual what the people don’t know, won’t hurt them. Of course if you want the people not to know something, put it in a book other than the Bible, since that’s the only book some people have read. It’s really fascinating when people can just quote scripture backwards yet have no clue about other books. Anyway back on subject, we’ll save the history of the catholic church for another time, that may take two or three mental workouts and that’s only scratching the surface.

Yes Michelangelo loved painting the ceiling but he also wanted to play a little joke on mankind at the same time which we’ll get to at the end. For now the important thing to grasp is the mental fortitude and dedication it would take to do the job. It was a job really only Michelangelo could do, Leonardo also a great painter in his own right of course would probably have not lasted the distance. Not many painters could have endured the arduous process, many critics bark at the eccentricity of Michelangelo since he didn’t really enjoy society and people. Let’s be frank, it takes a certain personality to see a job like that through, you would have to be a little weird to paint in isolation for so long and not even care about the reward. Others might say for Michelangelo, painting such defined muscular male physiques was more pleasure than work, whatever floats his boat.

It was his emotions that drove him, he wasn’t like the rest of society ostentatious in any way, his work was his way of speaking to the world. Emotions can move mountains, metaphorically speaking of course, kids don’t try it at home. Michelangelo thought society was ignorant, he felt imprisoned by the world so he tried to make his paintings and his sculptures especially come alive. By dedication and devotion to his art, he felt that he was freeing up the art form to humanity thereby indirectly freeing himself as well. So to outsiders and future prosperity, what we visualize as four years hard graft and toil was simply fun for Michelangelo. It was his freedom of expression, painting the chapel gave him life. To some it may seem like prison, forced into awkward positions painting for four years straight. However one man’s prison is another woman’s paradise. Life is what you make of it. You have the power within you to create the extraordinary life you want for yourself. You can become a master of your destiny. Seek to find what gives you more life in life. Connect your passion with making your living. It doesn’t have to come overnight, just make plans every day to take the correct steps to get closer to your dreams. Find what inspires you from within.

What can you do to paint your life’s masterpiece. Do you control your own brush or is someone else painting those strokes for you. What’s stopping you from dedicating yourself to realizing your life’s dreams. Have you connected your passion to what you want out of life. If you haven’t, it’s never too late. If you truly dedicate yourself to doing what you love doing, you will find the internal power to keep doing it for as long as it gives you life. No need to hit that retirement at 65 just because the government says so and basically just wait to receive your pension till you die. Do what you love doing and you’ll find you may go a long way indeed. Michelangelo lived to a ripe old age, he died only weeks before his 89th birthday. He outlived many of the popes he did work for.

Now we’ll get to the irony of Michelangelo. He detested the way of mankind. He didn’t even like the lavishness and grandeur of the Vatican, he felt it inappropriate for popes to be commissioning these enormous works to immortalize themselves and their names, yes their egos. Yes popes have egos too, maybe divine egos, but egos nonetheless. There is no difference to what the popes where doing to leave their stamp on mankind than what the Ancient pharaohs did with all their elaborate tombs and so on done through the sweat and sacrifice of others. Are you sensing the pattern of mankind through history. Anyway the irony of Michelangelo is that he was painting naked bodies in what was considered the holiest of places. So you can imagine it was deemed pornographic material back then, some powers that be wanted to sanction it and cover up some of the naked figures, but the pope refused saying it was just too beautiful. A modern day comparison would be having Playboy decorate the white house, well perhaps more work would be done, who knows, but you get the idea. If you make pornography beautiful in a way, in a sense it can be interpreted another way, the beauty of life. To top it off, Michelangelo painted the symbol of God on the ceiling to represent the exact shape of the human brain. So his message to mankind was that God lies within you, within your brain. The irony of the message is that he sent it in the most holy of places, yet it went over people’s heads literally. Don’t take my complete word for it, you should investigate it for yourself. Sometimes the message in life is a simple one beneath all the grandeur of illusion.

We are seeking those who can bring the universal currency of dedication to their craft. Today’s mental workout is to pass this on to 9 of the most dedicated people you know and ask them to subscribe. People who you know are devoted to bringing their own art into this world. People who perhaps want to send their message to mankind and are dedicated to doing whatever it takes. We at the mental workout team can show you a clearly defined strategy to unlock your full potential in a 9 step program starting Oct 10 through mid January. As usual the process may not be easy, it will require dedication for at least 100 days on your part, but the key is that you will be unleashing the power potential inside of you. If Michelangelo can do 4 years, I know you can dedicate yourself to a mere 100 days. You will be doing what will not be work as it will be your true passion. As always make it a great mental workout.