Paint your life's picture!!!Paint your life's picture!!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Today’s universal mental workout for relaxation Fridays encourages you to take a stroll down memory lane, back to the old art class in your formative years while in elementary school. Life was elementary back then, everything seemed simple and straightforward. You probably loved to draw and paint and experiment with all types of shapes and colors. Your curiosity to draw, paint and mess about with mixing different colors stimulated your brain into hyper drive. You grew brain connections at a rapid rate since you were given freedom of expression in addition to having fun at the same time. Those factors combined made for a very happy brain indeed.

Even if you weren’t a Picasso back then, it really didn’t matter. It’s more the process you were going through. You were engaging your imagination and activating your right brain into action. Because you were young, you had that fearless streak inside you to just let yourself go. Art compared to the other subjects back then put you in complete control. Painting or drawing, just like music has its own underlying rhythm, the movement of the brush strokes, the way the colors flow. You are birthing something into the world, like bringing one of Michelangelo’s figures to life. Ok, you may not be Michelangelo, oh how do you know, maybe an artist does reside in you somewhere.

Painting and drawing of course improves that all important hand-eye coordination, regardless how bad your pictures used to turn out. The process focuses on allowing the young artist in you to gain physical awareness and experience of depth through training that takes place engaging the senses, particularly kinesthetic. You may not have known it back then, but artwork was showing your personality, flair and character. Your interpretation of the world through your eyes. You express yourself through art, it’s not like you are compelled to follow an exact formula like Math or the strict guidelines of grammar. You drew, stumbled, picked yourself up and just kept going, improving day by day. Art is wonderful since it requires observation. We sure could always use some more observation of the world around us. Do you recall if you painted with realism like Da Vinci or with the idealism of Michelangelo.

Your drawings may have been all over the map, perhaps showing no rhyme or reason, kind of like existence sometimes. No worries, you would be in good company, even some work from great painters made no sense, yet people bought them for huge sums. In this world anything is possible! One person’s wonderful piece of art is another’s disaster. Artists are self-taught and when inspired can open up doorways to challenge conventional perceptions. Consider how art has evolved through the development of different surfaces, materials and of course techniques via the various movements like impressionism and modernism.

You should have always felt refreshed and rejuvenated after your hour art class. The mind works effectively in pictures. You have the ability to picture things and concepts in your mind even if you can’t quite describe them in words, as long as you are engaging the full capability of your imagination. Experiment with your mind and determine how your own visual thinking process works via sensory experience, mood, habits etc.

Turn back that clock and transport yourself back to elementary art class, try drawing or painting something for a few minutes. If you haven’t experimented with drawing for a long time like most people who have chosen to specialize in other disciplines, it could be a very enlightening and engaging experience for you. It will awaken those long forgotten neurons and create new connections to help you solve problems in other areas in your life. Exercise your mind, stretch it, get that youthful exuberance and excitement for curiosity going again. Take a break from adulthood for a few minutes, it's not going anywhere. Life is for fun in childhood and adulthood. You should add this mental workout to a monthly routine to unleash your creativity juices, practice drawing things from pure recollection to spark even more brain cells.