Passion of convictionPassion of conviction

Monday, October 1, 2012

Passion means conviction. When you have genuine passion in what you pursue, it shows. It doesn’t look awkward or overdone in any way, it flows naturally, people can see it in you. Passion communicates your emotions in what you are doing. It draws people towards you. Passion commands attention. People love to be around those that show passion for what they do. Think about how many places one goes whether restaurants, places of business or just walking on the street and you see people looking sad or complaining about this or that. Observe some older people who are still able to work long after their peers have retired, that’s because they do it for more than the money, it’s passion that fuels them to keep going as long as they do. Passion is intense power that allows things to happen naturally, you are going with the flow of your body.

Do you show genuine passion for life and how can you increase your genuine passion to succeed?