Passport to paradise!!!Passport to paradise!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Today’s mental workout kicks off the start of all-imagination week before we head out for a much deserved spring break, It’s not like we are the Kardashians over here, we do much more than sitting around looking pretty. Since imagination workouts stir up the most frenzy, we’ll feed your addiction all week. Firstly we wish to approve your visa to travel and explore the paradise named Earth. You have the best gift of all, there’s no expiration date on this visa, it’s as everlasting as you wish it to be. You can overstay eternally, no border authorities will ever come looking for you. Earth's visitor permit comes with full rights to do anything your heart desires. Go anywhere and everywhere, it’s your passport to paradise. It’s your life, go on and live it on terms you dictate. Stop letting others determine the destination of your life, take it into your own hands. The world is your playground, it’s only as big or small as you allow it. The system only teaches you about the world through books, some things you have to experience firsthand for yourself, this is one of them. There can be no price on knowing and understanding the world you live in.

Do you fancy the warm weather of the Mediterranean or perhaps the snow-capped mountains of the North pole? Who knows perhaps the Polar Bears can teach you a thing or two about enjoying life. Don’t tell Sarah Palin though, she’s likely to go hunting them. That’s what the animals exist for, to be human game when other humans aren’t available. Make sure you are never bait for anybody else, get out there, explore and master your own universe. Go ahead and grab your boarding pass, make your way to the paradise that you dream of. Just because you were born in one place, doesn’t mean you must stay there the rest of your life. Go around the universe just like the Earth revolves around the Sun, gather knowledge and information in your travels. The more you find out about the way of the world, the less greedy powers-that-be can take advantage of you. They can no longer influence you to fear the unknown cultures of this universe. Beat them at their own game, find a way to use your passport to paradise. You are a super human being, born to explore and travel your domain. You are the ruler of Earth, travel and discover it for yourself,the universe has bestowed vast riches upon you.

It’s always good practice to do something the government hasn’t forced you to do. The government may force you to pay all your taxes and parking tickets, however they can’t force you to stay in one place your entire life. Make full use of your passport to paradise. You may have so much fun, you never want to come back, but be under no illusions, all countries have governments, as long as they are around, the fun must always end sometime. Everything you desire in the world is out there waiting to be discovered, except maybe a functioning government with a heart, but maybe we can’t have it all. In your travels you don’t always have to restrict yourself to the luxurious resort life, venture out and spend some nights with some host families, hang with the locals, they eat and sleep just like you. They can teach you more about their way of life than any five-star hotel. The language of love and respect is universal, best of all it’s absolutely free. Some experiences can open your heart and mind forever, that’s the real paradise. The world is a beautiful place, get to know it on first name basis, the more you discover the more you will fall in love. Take it upon yourself to create your own paradise. As always, make it an exploratory mental workout.