Play the Trump card!!!Play the Trump card!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today’s mental workout for political Thursdays centers around the new battle amongst the GOP ranks. It seems like the Donald is putting in his two cents, and still getting back some change, that ought to please his financial advisors. Is this scheduled debate with Newsmax still going to take place with GOP candidates dropping out like flies, apparently everybody is having tea with their grandmother on that day. Even Donald’s good friend Perry has joined the drop out list of Huntsman, Paul and Romney leaving only Gingrich and Santorum. Bachmann is undecided, come on Michele, make a decision, I hope you can make them faster if you reach the Oval office. So it seems like the established party powers-that-be have had enough of this political charade, as if it could even more out of hand than it has been already. Ok maybe the Donald moderating may not be such a good idea, after all he did say that if the wrong guy was nominated, he would run as a third party candidate. Meaning of course the Donald would not be satisfied by the year long process to choose a nominee. The prospect of the Donald running would be interesting though, he would probably turn us all into apprentices. Hey Donald, stop hiring apprentices, hire full time people, you can afford it! You have to appreciate Donald for the genius he is, any billionaire that can file for bankruptcy either really understands the system or is playing very high stakes poker, very high stakes. If anyone is anxious to get the economy going again, it’s Donald so he can go on turning over millions on unsuspecting consumers creating speculative bubbles otherwise known as business as usual. While you are it Donald, get a sense of humor, what problems could you possibly have beyond a bad hair day.

Well what can the Donald do since everybody has practically declined. Donald could play the trump card and call in Sarah Palin. She’s always guaranteed to draw in ratings, after all that must be what everything is about these days. Do whatever it takes to captivate the people's imagination. After all Donald and Sarah are reality TV superstars right! Who knows, if Gingrich has a shot, why shouldn’t Sarah. At least she can claim she ran a state for two years. It’s really getting hard to understand the GOP. How candidates like Paul and Huntsman get absolutely no platform. Now it would seem the anybody but Romney choice might prevail. Every week we do a political mental workout, a new front-runner emerges in the GOP. Maybe we should only do monthly installments, as fast as I am done writing this, another candidate may rise up. Why is the party having such a hard time sticking with candidates. Is this Trump card really the last straw. Will the party realize how ridiculous everything is getting and finally get down to serious business. Can they possibly consider Gingrich a national choice beyond the establishment. Could they really think that Gingrich is a better choice than Romney against Obama. Have they forgotten they need a quarterback to win a super bowl after a conference victory.

Let’s consider Gingrich vs Romney. Who is more likely to appeal to the general electorate and draw in more independent votes. Who is more likely to understand the significant issues facing the nation both economically and structurally. Which candidate has a track record of ideas and which one has one of execution and governance. Which candidate has a greater chance of including more people in the solution. Which one has a greater propensity for divisiveness. Can either candidate restore faith and trust in the political machine. Which candidate is more likely to fight the interest groups that have taken over Washington. Does anyone in the GOP establishment care about any of these issues. Does the GOP think more polarization between the parties is the way forward in a world economy where the free world is unraveling before our eyes. Is there no place for moderation in GOP party politics. Does political argument mean just to contradict whatever the other side does and not to actually consider any opposing viewpoints. If today’s political workout makes any sense to you whatsoever, then you must be in the very sharp minority because it makes no sense to us. Don’t blame us, look at the material we have to work with. Nothing makes sense, but we do our best. As always, I hope you enjoyed your political mental workout or whatever this was.