Politically Unscripted!!!Politically Unscripted!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Political Thursdays enters back into the race for the seemingly unscripted race for the White House, perhaps there is a script somewhere, like the ones you see in bad Hollywood movies. At least it won’t cost us $20 to watch this one or whatever movies cost nowadays. A great deal has happened since our last political workout, both conventions for a start, and of course that other thing with Mitt unscripted at a VIP campaign event. Come on Mitt! I try to keep it objective on this forum, but you make it so very hard, we’ll get to that later. The Republican convention made an old star, Clint Eastwood rather mediocre whereas the Democratic one reminded everybody what it was like to have a superstar in the White House, Bill Clinton. Even the Obama brain trust couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome, it may have been too good in fact, people would probably prefer to have Bill back in the White House, such are his ratings. If this was Ancient Rome, he would enjoy enough popularity to usurp power and simply change the laws. Congress would be none the wiser, they would have no clue what was happening outside those walls, it’s not like their tv sets are turned on with all the negative bashing they receive. But seriously Clint Eastwood, unscripted in prime time at a convention, don’t think he will be seeing any Oscars after that performance, now to the main protagonists.

It’s hard to tell the central character in the Romney campaign, there’s been at least 5 faces of Mitt, each of them equally inept when it comes to relating to the average person. That’s right Mitt, us average folks deserve to have you as president of the entire nation. It may take the 1% to get you to the White House, but as some point you have to learn how to connect with average everyday folks. It’s not that hard Mitt, just be yourself, by all accounts everybody who’s met you seems to think you are a pleasant enough fella. Be your authentic self, people will respect that. It’s ok you come from a privileged background, you took what daddy gave you and made it 100 times greater. Just be real about it, don’t tell stories so you can fit in with the common man and talk about how you and Ann used to struggle, come on, both of you came from very well-established families. It’s much easier to make your way in life knowing you have a wonderful golden parachute trust fund should things not work out. People respect you became your own man and achieved far more than most could dream of. The video just substantiates what people suspect go on behind-the-scenes at these Super PAC big money events. Realize there are people who have had it very tough in this new world economy, there’s even big time executives around the world who are making a third of wages they used to make. Be gracious in victory or defeat, don’t chastise certain groups just because they won’t vote for you.

Unscripted also applies to President Obama too. He needs a teleprompter for every speech. Even when he does one-on-one interviews, he appears so premeditated when he speaks. We all know how smart and articulate he is! But darn it sometimes, you just have to speak from the gut, reveal what’s deep inside you, no sugar coating. The president is so deliberate and carefully paced when he answers questions, so afraid to say the wrong word or attach the wrong connotation to something. Politics is really such a game that one word misplaced could be the end of you. The president dreads any passionate demeanor will have him labeled as Jeremiah Wright or Al Sharpton. But as the president of the free world, sometimes you just have to go off the script. Look directly at the people and let them know you fell short of what you promised to deliver. Yes, we all know the job was going to be hard, but you must face your record head on. It shouldn’t really be up to Bill Clinton to bail you out with his popularity. The facts remain that we have had the most ineffective congress in history under this president's watch. Not only has he failed to inspire congress in any way, but apparently the president has turned down opportunities to network with congressional members in the evening time. The president says that time is reserved for raising his daughters, he should have thought of that before deciding to lead the free nation through its darkest hour. Let’s face it, his daughters’ lives are forever changed with the presidency in any case, the position demands the commander in chief must sacrifice it all to get the nation back on track, and much of that path lies through inspiring congress to action.

The nation indeed faces a dilemma, we have one candidate perfectly scripted for the 1%, and the other for the rest, however the top echelon control the money supply and Washington too, may the best man truly win. That gives Romney a distinct advantage, there may be as many as 5 Mitts on the ballot come November. As always, I hope you enjoyed your political mental workout.