Power of Positive EnergyPower of Positive Energy

Monday, December 3, 2012

For every action there’s a reaction. People need to be mindful of the energy they are giving out. It entails being very polite to everybody you come into contact with from regardless of what titles they carry or their social standing in society. People are people! Don’t get bought into judging people by their profession or wealth status. Strive to make someone smile every day, add some joy to other people’s lives, more importantly remember to make yourself smile and laugh each day too. Laughter is wonderful for your brain, it stimulates you like nothing else, well almost nothing else, there’s a reason comedians and entertainers are well respected and paid handsomely. Remarkable things happen when you believe in positive energy. Believing in the power of positive energy transforms the lives of people, a sound and positive mind is worth gold, you have billions of neurons stimulated with the ability to quadruple positive energy vibes and create even more avenues for success.

Why should positive energy stimulate the neurons in the brain?