Power withinPower within

Monday, September 17, 2012

One could probably find many talented people everywhere, however what it is more crucial is their desire and internal drive to succeed. All talented people encounter periods of challenges and obstacles where talent may not be enough to overcome, it then comes down to a matter of desire, the power within. Just like watching a sports program on tv, you can see talented ball players on the field, but what stands out to you is that player who seems to never give up on any plays. He’s not watching the score board, but gives it all he has and leaves it all out on the field. It may be evident that there are better players on the field, however he has internal drive, that non-stop motor that propels him to give more and harder than anybody else. Highly successful people often possess that burning desire to compete and succeed, sometimes it’s that power within that supersedes all the talent in the world.

Would you rather have more talent or desire?