Practice to improvePractice to improve

Monday, October 15, 2012

It is a fair statement to say many sales reps hate the idea of role-playing. Reps are not looking at it from the standpoint of important training that can improve their sales effectiveness, they approach it more from a negative angle of being shown up amongst their fellow colleagues. Part of any effective sales training should incorporate some role-playing to a certain degree. However reps need to be tuned in, just like an athlete practices at full speed so his mind can be conditioned to the real game time, the same applies with selling. Sometimes the role-playing tension and anxiety can be worse than any client meeting. Role playing is just part of a sales rep conditioning program. Reps sometimes get in the mode of questioning things that are actually designed to improve their performance, but conveying it to them from a different angle allows them to see that it’s really the best course of action.

Do you practice with your peers for continuous improvement?