Private equity!!!Private equity!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Today’s mental workout for reflection Fridays urges you to maximize profits in your investment of life. You will get much more return out of life if you have fun in the process. It’s very easy to get caught up in the rat race of life trying to achieve so much for tomorrow that we forget to have fun today. If you are constantly busy worrying and anxious about the future, then you lose sight of the present and are always in a chasing mode. In an unpredictable universe, you are not guaranteed the future, just have some fun while the sun is shining. Finding balance is now more crucial than ever in an everlasting news cycle of negativity. It’s time to find your joy and actively dedicate some energy in pursuit of happiness. It may not be wise to pursue a lot of things in life, but happiness is certainly a worthy cause. Having fun in the journey called life is often overlooked. Dedicating time to pursue your definition of joy revitalizes and reinvigorates you for the rest of life’s ride. Immersing yourself in an activity that makes your soul sing gives you more life.

Invest your time and energy in your bank account of life. While you are busy helping grow others’ bank accounts, don’t forget to take complete ownership of your life’s capital. Have fun with the simple things in life, it will bring a greater quality of life. Devote some time and energy to making your fun pay. You must be patient, it may not happen overnight, application of body, mind and spirit is needed. There’s no rush as you are still having fun in the process. You are entitled to a fun and fulfilling life if you demand it of yourself. Engage your heart and mind to monetize your life’s passion, the return is infinite. Having fun stimulates the mind. There’s a reason your memory banks always remember your happiest moments in life, create more of them. You may even find your happiest moments in life didn’t cost you a penny, it’s easy to lose sight of the most meaningful things in life in a culture of materialism. Set your heart on finding the happiness you deserve, then just do it.

When you are having fun, it’s infectious, you attract the right type of investment. You will be surrounded by positive people who can ward off negative energy. Human beings were born to be blue chips, if you are going to have blind trust, make it to yourself. Capitalize on your innate abilities, smiling and having fun came easy and naturally to you as a baby. Change the dynamics of how you live, make having fun with childhood exuberance high on your priority list, the rest will follow. Consider how you invest your time, energy and dreams. Simplify your life by committing to have some fun. Getting engrossed in an activity you genuinely enjoy puts your mind in a state of bliss, it feels like a meditative state sending impulses all throughout your entire body. You have the power within to break loose from the shackles of life that hold you down. Fun is free. Fun is freedom. Fun is life. Celebrate fun in your life today, if you can breathe, rejoice! Take private ownership of your life to invest in fun, there's no limit to what it may lead to. Happy memorial weekend, let's toast to all those that sacrificed to make freedom possible.