Progress report!!!Progress report!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Today’s mental workout demands a progress report on those goals you set at the beginning of the new year, remember those new year’s resolutions. Has it been so long you need to send a telegram to retrieve them, perhaps even a search party, hope not, you should have been working diligently towards your goals. The beginning of the second quarter is an ideal time to monitor progress. It’s time to ask the tough questions as we of course like to do on this forum, are you in fact making forward progress towards accomplishing your goals. Introspection is essential, you must be able to criticize yourself, it’s just part of your eternal journey to self-improvement. It’s your personal journey, your very own self-crusade. Your parents or the govt can’t figure it out for you, this you must do for yourself. So how about those goals, did you write them down and communicate the force behind them. You know, write down those stirring emotions that would propel you into action even on a down day.

Pull out those resolutions wherever they are, whether written down somewhere or buried deep in your mind. Re-evaluate them, figure out which ones are the most meaningful and measure your progress objectively. How do you measure effective action towards your goals? What are the results? I’ll go first, besides organizational team and corporate goals, I made several personal goals in order of importance. I am making effective forward progress in about 80% of them, so there’s still room for improvement. However if you look deeper, I was able to discover new opportunities and add to some specific goals. So it becomes more than simply achieving your goals, but where are they specifically leading you. Are you engaging your passion and curiosity to open up even more doors of opportunities to enrich your life? Some goals can give birth to other goals that you never even knew existed. It all starts with getting stimulated and motivated to take action. If you are behind on your goals or never even got started, no worries, spring is a perfect time for new beginnings. Breathe new life into your goals.

Why not set new goals today. You could even kick off your new year’s resolutions right now, the universe doesn’t care it’s not a new year, it hasn’t kept time for billions of years, only humans do that. If you have goals that you took absolutely no action towards, ask the tough questions why. Are you passionate and energetic about achieving it? If not, what can you do to change things up. Are you just going to stay idle and give it another go next year? How can you connect it with your passion to motivate you to take action? Find the smallest possible step and just take action. You use exactly the same brain for accomplishing the small goals in life just as the large-vision complex ones. Put yourself in good position to attain success in your life. Evaluate your track record of goal achievement your entire life, what can you change, where can you improve. Introspection and self-discovery in your goal-setting goes a long way, be thoughtful, substantive and insightful.

Taking action towards your goals is a process. Like a snowball rolling downhill, you will pick up momentum by staying consistent. Once you start, you will learn and get better as you go along. Climb up that ladder of your goals rung by rung, coming down on the other side becomes easier after valuable experience. It’s about reaching that consistency level that brings smooth sailing. Consistency requires a strong backbone. Highly successful people are often consistent. The world is full of one hit wonders who show early promise, however prove your intention till completion. The journey to achieve your goals represents progression, not necessarily perfection. Simply get in the habit of taking steps to finish that which you begin. Get your goals in motion, put energy, passion and enthusiasm behind them to ignite those brain connections that will keep a constant flow of oxygenated blood to sustain you. Today’s mental workout is to order your progress report on your new year’s resolutions, evaluate, adjust and attack. We would also like to send a fond farewell to acclaimed and fearless newsman Mike Wallace and others who passed around the world unknown to the general public. As always, make it a progressive mental workout.