Punch your ticket!!!Punch your ticket!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays urges you to grab the wheels to the bus journey of life and punch your own ticket to success. Take control of that bus driven by a variety of people all throughout your life, you know, your parents, teachers, counselors, professors, friends and so on. They all mean well, but your life’s bus is supposed to be driven by you. There’s a reason why you may have been driving round in circles never really making any progress in your life, your bus driver may have been blind. No need to panic, just grab the wheels yourself, be brave, you surely can’t drive worse than others. You paid your eternal bus ticket through the triumph of your birth. You are like nobody else on this planet, you don’t need to be a passenger following along the same bus routes as everybody else, so get up from the comfortable back seat and grab the wheels yourself. Isn’t the view much better from the front? How can you not see where you are going with that big ole window right in front of you? Just changing positions works wonders. A more strategic vantage point translates into better perspective on which direction you want your life to head in.

Your eternal bus ticket of life has earned you a right to go anywhere you desire to go. It’s completely up to you how far you wish to go in your life. Drive your bus where you want to go. Your bus of life is worth as much as you desire it to be worth. If you want it to accept small change of dimes and quarters, then that’s exactly what it can give you. If you want to dream big and think big, it can reward you with the infinite dollars that your dreams are made of, you know those Benjamin Franklins! Life has a way of giving you exactly what you ask for. Life will pay whatever price you ask it! Beware of the neighborhoods you drive your bus and be careful of those you pick up. Some are masters of hitching a ride without paying. Sometimes give a free ride to people, it gives you more heart to help others, but do it with your eyes open. Develop clarity in the destination you wish to drive your bus, a focused mind will still lead you to your target, even through Los Angeles traffic.

As people enter your bus of life, make sure they respect the rules of your bus, but give them some freedom to voice their opinions. Be flexible and open to suggestions from your passengers, ask them for feedback on how you are driving. Absorb new viewpoints and evaluate them on merit. Whenever you stop for a break at the bus depot, exchange some ideas with other bus drivers, discover other new exciting routes in town. Be bold and daring to drive your bus down routes less travelled. Don’t forget that you are new to driving your bus, you may drive down blind alleys or dead end streets, no worries, maintain your composure and find your way back on track. Enjoy the experience, you derive more meaning if you overcome obstacles in your journey. If you want an easy bus ride through life, be a politician or a member of the Royal family, driving your life bus is not for the faint-hearted, have courage and the rewards will be significant and endless. Once in a while don’t forget to throw a party on your bus, there’s always a reason to have some fun in life. Make sure you never drink and drive though! Speaking of parties, please join us next Wednesday February 15th to celebrate our one year anniversary of the mental workout. Thanks to all those around the world that have punched their tickets. As always, make it an enjoyable mental workout.