Monday, December 3, 2012

In choosing our support network, it’s also highly beneficial to include those people that can most identify with your situation. Those that may have been in your shoes already, perhaps those that have done exactly the same thing as you are planning. If you are venturing on a totally innovative start-up then consider other entrepreneurs or innovators in a related field. It doesn’t have to be necessarily the same industry or product type, you are merely seeking information on the process involved. Find out how they overcame certain obstacles and why they may have chosen over particular strategy over another. Don’t be afraid to ask for direct contacts from your support group. Never feel shy or that you may be intruding. As long as you have done your homework and are thoroughly prepared for the tough challenge ahead, then they should have no issue with trusting you with those that can help you. Your professional associates should be able to provide you with valuable contacts with those in your target industry. Ask your friends or family members for any possible leads or referrals from their personal network or their co-workers and so on. Leverage all the social media outlets to reach out to as many warm leads as possible. In the world of sales or service industry of any kind, you should already know there’s nothing quite like a referral.

Find successful people who can help you.