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Friday, October 26, 2012

Today’s mental workout concludes Quaternary economy week by examining several resources to steer you down the right path. We hope this week’s vital topic will motivate you to take action. The potential rewards are limitless when you begin to monetize your knowledge, not to mention the great service you are providing small businesses whether in your community or elsewhere. Positioning yourself in the booming sector of the economy is one way to secure your future, or at least give yourself more options. The hands-on business experience and aptitude you develop will be priceless. The Quaternary sector is appealing to both men and women, since it’s knowledge based and not about brawn. Stay at home moms or dads can easily work around a schedule that works for them. Those who are already working full-time can explore the potential for supplemental income. The only requirements are an open mind and a willingness to learn and implement. As with most things in life, it requires plenty of trial and error with dogged determination.

As we highly emphasize here, be curious enough to do your own leg work and research, you may well uncover more resources that we ever could, it’s all part of taking the initiative. We point you in the right direction for opportunities, you then have to take action and execute. Become motivated and inspired enough to apply yourself. When you help small business, you strengthen the entire community, the bedrock. If you help small business increase profits, it translates into more taxable revenue for schools, police and municipal workers. Become inspired to improve your community through hard work, application and effort. This is not going to be an overnight magic bullet, we don’t know any coaches or gurus who have that.

Take steps to get involved in your community. Attend meetings at the Small Business Association or Chamber of Commerce. Contact the Better Business Bureau and get a list of possible companies to approach. Join a local meet-up or toastmasters and start forging relationships with people, many small business owners are open to networking if done correctly and honestly. You will also encounter many professionals who specialize in small business and start-ups, some offer free consultations, take full advantage, pick their brain and receive suggestions for lucrative opportunities. Be sure to reciprocate with some referrals, get in the habit of expressing gratitude for those who help you, it builds trust.

Finally, you must continue on your never-ending journey for personal development, spend some quality time at a place many have forgotten, your local library. You have a range of services available for free. Read the classics and books on philosophy to expand your critical thinking, it will open up new neural pathways in how your brain absorbs and applies information. Learn about human psychology and the art of selling. If you learn to sell, you open up a new world of opportunities in all aspects of life. There's no better place than here to learn how to sell of course. For marketing or support services, try Freelancer, Elance, Odesk or Guru, the internet is full of cost-effective resources. Take steps to join the largest and most influential sector of the economy for the 21st century, the Quaternary industry. Thanks for embarking on this Quaternary journey with us all week, we are very excited about the limitless possibilities for the 21st century mindset. Have a great weekend, and as always, make it a resourceful mental workout.