Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays invites you to be an off-roader in your journey of life. Right off the bat, it's important to realize that life is indeed a journey. A crucial journey we should all make, even though most people in the world have no clue it exists, let alone know that they possess full control over. To set them straight, we have some trustworthy guides, real veteran road warriors you all should be rather familiar with, unless you are a politician. We are talking about none other than Lefty and Righty brain at the wheel. No prizes for guessing who ought to take the wheel first on life’s road trip! Yes, give Lefty the keys, he’s already done all the planning and preparation, let Righty take a nap and dream. Resourceful Lefty has checked the map for the best path to the desired destination. If it were up to Righty alone, they would never get out of first gear. You know how she likes to take her time. Thankfully, her power of imagination sparked the idea for the trip in the first place. Righty loves to roam the great outdoors. Lefty has also calculated the best rest spots and the amount of gasoline needed for the entire trip. He also checked the weather report, this bloke leaves nothing to chance - a real stickler for detail. Lefty always does his homework before any road trip, the stubborn fella really hates asking for directions. They are a formidable pair these two, one builds the framework step-by-step, the other makes the fancy moves.

With Lefty behind the wheel, you can be certain he’ll drive right between the white lines of the road. Thankfully, for all of us, even the stubborn mule needs a break at some point, then it’s time for his partner in crime Righty to grab her turn at the wheel. It’s sometimes hard for Lefty to give up control, you know, just like a politician. But Lefty knows deep down in his heart, if you can’t trust your imagination – whose can you trust, the Pastors? Perhaps, the politician’s, if only they had some! Since Lefty got them off to a great start, they are running ahead of schedule, perfect time for Righty to detour off the main road and explore some dirt tracks. Off-roading is very bumpy, but exhilarating given that no others have tread this path before, Righty exclaims they must definitely be headed in the right direction. By a stroke of genius, Righty discovers an even faster route to their desired destination. Lefty is totally shocked that this route was not on the map, he claims it can’t be true. Righty calmly reminds him that whenever the imagination is involved, new paths can be created off-road, the possibilities are endless, not to mention far more stimulating.