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Sales Training - Mastering the Art of Motivation

By now most corporate executives must understand that motivation goes beyond the extra sales commission. Motivation is not an exact science, offering more money doesn’t automatically equate into more motivation. Top sales producers are becoming more scarce as the fundamentals of the B2B sales have changed over the past few years.

Sales Training - Adapting and Adjusting Account Strategies

The typical corporate decision-maker is inundated with about 50 marketing messages daily, it’s no wonder it takes longer for sales reps to penetrate that inside zone nowadays. How can sales reps find the correct strategies to get their message across to make a connection before even contemplating the sale?

Sales Training - Account Activity Planning

It’s often challenging to get sales reps to stick to organizational activity plans especially when they are not fully bought into how much it drives their ultimate success. Most sales reps fully understand what they need to do in order to be successful, however it’s very difficult for them to push beyond their usual comfort zone.

Sales Training - Reflecting on Goal Development

Sales reps are a vital cog to the business machine. If sales reps adequately meet their goals, the organization thrives. To consistently meet their goals, sales reps must execute day in day out. To maintain a high level of performance, sales reps need to have clarity of purpose in their goal development. They need to be enthusiastic and passionate about their position.

Engage and Activate the Sales Mind

Sales managers should help pull their sales reps in the right direction to success rather than pushing them and applying even more pressure than they already face. A crucial part of the problem is that both the manager and the sales rep focus far too much on the sluggish sales numbers. Too much focus on the problem itself simply exacerbates the issue.

Effective Sales Training

Businesses of all sizes would be wise to implement sales training that can deliver measurable ROI. Business owners should seek a competitive advantage by using sales training companies to inspire their sales team. The organization can gain from valuable input from external sources that can inject life in their sales team while they focus on their core duties.

Change the Sales Mindset

If you dwell on the fact that sales have slowed down, then your mind will accept it as the law of the land. Law of the mind in this case. This is the current mindset of many sales professionals along with managers and CEOs. Once the sales mind accepts that factors beyond their control are affecting their performance, then that negative thinking hijacks the brain’s sub-conscious.

Sales Training - Set the Right Tone for Sales Motivation

Not only do sales managers need to make sure that their sales reps are doing their utmost to reach sales goals, but also they must maintain a positive frame of mind themselves. There is an air of uncertainty sweeping through corporate America causing sales reps and sales managers alike to develop a weather the storm mentality.

Brainstorm Your Way to Increased Sales

Brainstorming sessions would serve as a more powerful tool for sales managers to kick off the day than regular morning meetings. What better way to get sales reps in full gear to begin their daily activities with energy and enthusiasm. The regular meetings of things to address can be deferred to later in the day perhaps before lunchtime or before the end of the day.

Sales Training - Emotions that Fuel Inspiration

Emotions that move salespeople to dig deep within to search for solutions to thrive despite struggling market conditions is a sales manager’s best friend. If senior management complains about lackluster results, It’s all too easy for many sales reps to simply look around and blame the economy for all their woes.