Brainstorm Your Way to Increased SalesBrainstorm Your Way to Increased Sales

Brainstorming sessions would serve as a more powerful tool for sales managers to kick off the day than regular morning meetings. What better way to get sales reps in full gear to begin their daily activities with energy and enthusiasm. The regular meetings of things to address can be deferred to later in the day perhaps before lunchtime or before the end of the day. Just as a healthy nutritious breakfast gets the body ready for peak performance, same holds true to warm up the brain for a full day ahead. A morning brainstorm session makes great use of the sub-conscious momentum from a good night’s sleep. Most importantly brainstorm sessions will be a whirlwind of positive energy that can make all the difference. Regular morning meetings may be prone to address negative issues. Sales people are going to have enough opportunity throughout their day to absorb plenty of negative flak from the outside world, they don’t need to take incoming. Managers can experiment with different type of brainstorming techniques, sometimes you may try laser-focused topics, other times, broader subjects. They can start off developing a list of the greatest challenges all the reps are encountering and then brainstorm for new techniques to confront them. Emphasis must be placed on new. The sales mind is perfectly capable of coming up with new and innovative solutions in the right atmosphere and with the right direction and freedom. The process requires patience and time. Sometimes it’s not the initial ideas that are the most useful, but the later ones that can create the impact.

Brainstorming in a group carries infinite possibilities, each sales rep armed with millions of stimulated neurons working towards a common goal. Some managers fear that brainstorming could open up a can of worms and end up some meaningless random pie in the sky ideas. Brainstorming can be structured to fit the particular needs of the situation. Like everything else worthwhile in life, once you begin, it may require some tweaking, a little trial and error. Anytime experimentation and learning is taking place within the organization,that's always a plus. It means departure from the usual day to day routine which is more likely to result in stimulated brain cells. Stimulation means excitement and enthusiasm. In a group enthusiasm becomes contagious. It sparks all the reps to get their days off to a running start. Brainstorm sessions can create momentum, a springboard to dive head first into the day’s activities. Energy and enthusiasm plays a critical role in sales success. It will take their sales minds off blaming the economy and looking for excuses for lack of performance. Brainstorming entails focusing the mind to search for solutions. It’s no coincidence that a mind targeted on finding solutions may well find them.

In an under-performing economy, maintaining the right positive sales attitude provides a distinct edge. Holding internal office brainstorm sessions will also encourage the sales reps to do the same for the challenges that face their client base. The ability to offer innovative and creative solutions to their client base can set them apart from the competition immediately. Brainstorming can provide that much needed burst of positive fresh air to reinvigorate the entire office. Brainstorming is a fun activity anyway you look at it. It’s a fact, reps will do better when they have more fun. Sales reps will perform better when given more freedom. The reps will feel more valued as their input is taken into consideration by senior management. Brainstorming can be that team bond that breaks down barriers between sales rep and management. Breaking down barriers in a sales environment is always positive step. Relaxation, trust and more latitude to freedom of expression can go a long way. Brainstorm sessions will offer up new ideas and strategies to increase sales effectiveness and performance.