Change the Sales MindsetChange the Sales Mindset

If you dwell on the fact that sales have slowed down, then your mind will accept it as the law of the land. Law of the mind in this case. This is the current mindset of many sales professionals along with managers and CEOs. Once the sales mind accepts that factors beyond their control are affecting their performance, then that negative thinking hijacks the brain’s sub-conscious. So not only has the sales mind lost confidence in the economy and themselves at the same time, they have also lost their most powerful ally that could be working for them 24 hours a day. You couldn’t dream of a better worker than the sub-conscious mind. Sometimes CEOs and managers lose their sales mindset that they used to previously possess. It’s understandable that fear and panic automatically set in. The prospect companies adopt the same mindset of delayed decision making at the same time. It then becomes a waiting game for all parties involved.

A better solution is to get out and in front of any slowdown. Senior management and the sales team must keep their confidence at all costs. Confidence and belief in your sales process will demand the correct state of mind. The sub-conscious minds of all parties can create new opportunities in any market condition. Companies with imagination have found ways to thrive in recessionary periods simply because they think differently than other similar organizations. Sales reps will gain confidence once they see their own leaders are confident. Let organizational confidence flow top down, sales reps need positive encouragement for peak performance. It takes laser like focus and dedication to succeed these days. Part of the right organizational mindset is commitment to help customers from the heart. The brain and the heart can combine to get sales reps emotionally bought in to deliver excellent service. Genuine passion to help customers will reveal opportunities from everywhere as long as you set the sales mind on the right things. Don’t allow any negative news to enter the sales mind as much as possible. Avoid starting the day off with negative news of any kind. Get the sales mind focused on finding opportunities that can help their prospect companies. Give the sales mind a running start to begin the day.

Don’t allow the state of the economy to impact sales effectiveness. Dwelling on negatives is not going to help anything, but raise stress levels. Stress and anxiety then work together to cripple sales performance. Stress hormones coupled with fear awakens the enemy within. Your sub-conscious then becomes your most powerful adversary injecting the sales mind with automatic negative thoughts. Attack the negative sales climate with positive behavior. Change the sales mindset to focus on uncovering new opportunities and then do different things. Be prepared to experiment and take some calculated risk. The adventure of trying new things and taking some risk will get the blood pumping and that’s exactly what the sales mind needs. New blood means new ways of thinking. New thinking can yield new opportunities. If senior management and the entire sales team can focus on mobilizing the power of the sub-conscious mind, then the only thing remaining is taking action and execution because the right mindset will surely result in new opportunities.