Engage and Activate the Sales MindEngage and Activate the Sales Mind

Sales managers should help pull their sales reps in the right direction to success rather than pushing them and applying even more pressure than they already face. A crucial part of the problem is that both the manager and the sales rep focus far too much on the sluggish sales numbers. Too much focus on the problem itself simply exacerbates the issue. It compounds the problem even more by hijacking their entire minds. Of course as the mind becomes constantly preoccupied with lackluster sales numbers, then negative thinking sets in and takes up residence. Automatically without even realizing it, the sales reps may try new things, but it’s with the same negative oriented mindset. Since they focus so much attention on why they are not generating enough sales, the mind also reinforces the same. For the most part sales people are accustomed to living with some amount of doubt in the back of their minds, however during tough times, those doubts multiply creeping to the front and center of the entire mind. The questions the reps ought to be asking are how can they set their minds to uncover viable sales opportunities from all areas.

The best technique to engage the sales mind to work effectively to boost sales is to ensure the sales reps are enjoying what they do. Regardless of what their results have been, sales managers need to focus their reps on having a little fun in their position. This is where both manager and sales rep need to be patient and on the same page. During non-performance, sales managers and rep need to sit down and assess how the rep can inject more passion and enthusiasm into their position. It’s instrumental for the sales managers to be forward thinking and create a relaxed atmosphere for their reps to regain a positive frame of mind. The sales managers can help their reps control their thoughts. Both parties need to find a way to inject some passion and exuberance into the position. For the sales mind to thrive, it needs to be relaxed for peak performance. The sales manager should look for ways to connect the dots between the individual rep’s passion and their position. Taking some pressure off will lead to a happier and more positive sales mind resulting in greater opportunities.

To help inspire increased sales performance, It becomes critical to engage the assistance of the mind’s Reticular Activating System(RAS). The RAS plays an important role by alerting a network of interdependent entities to work together to produce results. However to work effectively, the sales rep must focus all their attention and concentration on specific goals they need to accomplish. Everyone has used their RAS in some shape or form. Whenever anyone really desires something, it’s the RAS that signals clues that can help at a moment’s notice. For example, at the beginning of the week if the mind was set on completing a task over the weekend such as painting the garage, you could be driving along mid-week thinking about something else entirely, then you drive past a hardware store and realize that you need to buy some paint supplies. The act of driving past the hardware store had triggered the senses into action. It alerted you with pertinent information that you need to produce your desired results. Sales reps need to engage their RAS in the same manner to work for them. Sales managers should encourage their sales reps to activate a most powerful ally, their RAS, to be on the lookout to alert them to sales opportunities in all places high and low around the clock.