Sales Training - Account Activity PlanningSales Training - Account Activity Planning

It’s often challenging to get sales reps to stick to organizational activity plans especially when they are not fully bought into how much it drives their ultimate success. Most sales reps fully understand what they need to do in order to be successful, however it’s very difficult for them to push beyond their usual comfort zone. Sustaining consistent success for sales reps requires they perform activities that may not be entirely comfortable with as well as things many in their profession simply aren’t willing to do. Sales managers need to be flexible by allowing individual reps to tailor their own activity plans around their passion and strengths. Sales reps need to tap into their own powers of imagination to make the activity plans work for them. The process allows sales reps to engage their minds to interpret for themselves on a deeper level. The reps must understand what activities yield the most desirable outcomes at each stage of the sales cycle.

It takes total honesty on the part of the reps to assess the significance of each activity. For the most part, if the sales reps are totally honest with themselves, they are simply going through the motions performing activities they are comfortable with day in day out. Asking the reps to inject their own imagination and passion answers several questions. If they are having trouble performing consistently, it could be due to a lack of imagination of how to effectively engage prospects too. Prospecting activities are as important as closing to keep the sales cycle flowing. Even more important is to prospect the accounts that are most likely to close. Sales activity planning should revolve around a measurable system to attract their most valuable prospects. Time and resources need to be constructed to ensure the reps are targeting the correct accounts. It’s more than just finding a qualified prospect, but also positioning, the reps need to exhibit why the particular organization should be inclined to do business with them.

Activity plans that combine the sales rep’s natural passion and strengths are more likely to be successful. Being different and creative allows them to approach reps in different ways from others in their niche. Organizations already have plenty of reps doing exactly the same activities the same way. When things become too automated or routine for the reps, challenges or failures sap their energy. Unfortunately the Amygdala in the brain becomes their biggest enemy. It’s the brain’s emotional center and it automatically seeks to protect them from doing the very activities that may help them in case more disappointment or failure ensues. The Amygdala will often cause sales reps to rationalize on false assumptions allowing them to linger on within their comfort zone. Strategizing their own activity plans bypasses the Amygdala and activates the frontal lobes responsible for high-level cognitive processing into action. Success comes when they are prepared to push beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone to try new things.