Sales Training - Emotions that Fuel InspirationSales Training - Emotions that Fuel Inspiration

Emotions that move salespeople to dig deep within to search for solutions to thrive despite struggling market conditions is a sales manager’s best friend. If senior management complains about lackluster results, It’s all too easy for many sales reps to simply look around and blame the economy for all their woes. However sales managers must look beyond evaluating the projections and pipeline figures and so on. They must understand that numbers and financial charts don’t build businesses, it’s people that build sustainable business, in particular salespeople are the lifeblood of organizations. Enough resources should be directed towards building up your sales people as much as possible. Just as with athletes, stats may not always tell the whole story, the same goes with sales reps. Sales managers need to discover what truly inspires their salespeople to success from both within and externally as well. For far too long sales management have used one single brush stroke for all reps. Salespeople are complex emotional characters especially when they truly care about performing effectively for their organizations. The forward thinking strategy is determining both the internal and external source of sales rep motivation and tailoring an action plan that get the reps bought in by addressing the specific factors.

Most salespeople realize what activities that they must do in hopes of delivering the best results, however how often and in what manner these activities are performed makes all the difference. One of root causes of the problem is that some sales reps are just doing their things to do activities just so their managers can see they are trying. However to achieve consistent success in today’s environment is going to take much more than Just going through the motions performing regular activities so managers can see them looking busy. Sales reps have to go beyond just desiring to perform, but they need to tap into an inspirational source that can propel them to move mountains as a manner of speaking. Internal or external sources of inspiration serve to help open up doors of possibilities and not just excuses. Sales managers need to go beyond ‘the what’ their reps are doing, instead they need to look deeply into the ‘the why’ they want to succeed. Understanding the emotional content behind why their sales reps are inspired to succeed is like striking gold for a sales manager. It provides so many more avenues for the manager to steer the reps down the path to consistent sales performance.

Not all salespeople are inspired to do anything in particular besides making a decent living. Perhaps they have never really felt a need to do so in their past. It then becomes incumbent for the manager to ask the right questions seeking to understand the rep’s internal makeup and thinking process. Managers should simply ascertain the last time the sales rep was inspired to really accomplish a specific task. They should determine the emotions behind the sales rep if he or she accomplished the task or not. What lessons were learned, did if affect their patterns of their thinking process, did it have a psychological effect or not. It holds true that the most driven and inspired sales reps that have a track record of accomplishments are more likely to out-perform no matter the economic environment. However just because some may not be used to following the same process doesn’t mean that they can’t learn. Senior management should take it upon themselves to explore ‘the why’ emotions and reasons behind what truly inspires their sales team and tailor an action plan to reinforce them and yield beneficial and consistent results. The power behind emotions can lead reps to seek opportunities instead of excuses regardless of economic conditions.