Sales Training - Reflecting on Goal DevelopmentSales Training - Reflecting on Goal Development

Sales reps are a vital cog to the business machine. If sales reps adequately meet their goals, the organization thrives. To consistently meet their goals, sales reps must execute day in day out. To maintain a high level of performance, sales reps need to have clarity of purpose in their goal development. They need to be enthusiastic and passionate about their position. Achieving goals on a regular basis requires sustaining energy for peak performance. Organizations typically develop goals from what successfully worked in the past. Organizational goals need to be adapted to trends in the current marketplace. Organizational goals must evolve the same way sales reps’ goals should. The key is to build a bond and team spirit with what the organization needs to achieve and the conduit to get it done, the sales reps. The organization needs to lay a strong platform for the reps to achieve their goals. Goals are foundation-building blocks.

Sales reps should have their own goal-specific plans that maximizes their passion, talents and skills. The one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work effectively to enable all the reps to perform at their best. Customized goal development plans should peak the interest and curiosity of the reps to do whatever it takes to succeed. Curiosity will expand the mind when engaged. Organizations should encourage the reps to take risks and test out different plans based on their passion and natural enthusiasm. It’s best to encourage that goals be achieved not just to maintain their positions with the organization, but for the good of the companies they seek to benefit and for personal development. Curiosity to determine unique and individual ways to accomplish goals brings much needed stimulation. Stimulated reps will perform better because they feel energized and confident to not only learn, but try out new things. Engaged stimulation allows the reps to sustain peak performance and do what is necessary to consistently hit their target.

Goal development is a step by step process or system. The sales mind needs to be engaged on the specific stage of the process at hand. Activity goals involve a breakdown analysis of cold call effectiveness beyond just the numbers. What are the measurable results of each calling period? What are the goals to advance the stages of prospects in the funnel? What are the results from email or referral techniques? What new prospecting methods are the reps initiating? Sales managers should allow their reps to have fun discovering new techniques to engage prospects. Reps under-perform when they follow the same routine steps every day. They lose confidence if no results arise from the usual practices and quickly become de-motivated. Incorporating CRM systems for reporting functionality and activity tracking needs to be taken a step further. Sales reps need to be responsible themselves for coming up with unique and fresh plans for achieving their goals under the patience of organizational vision and platform.