Sales Training - Set the Right Tone for Sales MotivationSales Training - Set the Right Tone for Sales Motivation

Not only do sales managers need to make sure that their sales reps are doing their utmost to reach sales goals, but also they must maintain a positive frame of mind themselves. There is an air of uncertainty sweeping through corporate America causing sales reps and sales managers alike to develop a weather the storm mentality. Some may be even hiding out under their desks hoping to outlast the thunderstorm before return to the glory days of business as usual. However a defensive mindset is not the best way to go. Sales managers have to lead their sales teams from the front by developing an offensive mindset. As they say, the best defense is a great offense. Sales managers should motivate their sales staff to go on the offensive, encourage them to pursue new strategies and new markets. If the sales manager plays it safe, the sales reps are likely to play it safe as well. A chaotic business climate still presents numerous opportunities to the motivated sales manager and rep.

Sales managers should assess the reasons for current sales under-performance regardless of the macro economic outlook. Find out at a micro level what the sales rep has planned for the next 3 to 6 months or so. Is there in fact a plan independent of company policy. What lessons has the sales rep learned throughout the down cycle. What experience takeaways can he incorporate into his action plan going forward. Experience is a great teacher as long as both sales manager and sales rep take lessons from past history. Managers should search deeply behind sales rep emotions. How do the sales reps allow emotions to affect their day to day responsibilities. Are they haunted by past failure so much that it hinders any future enterprise. Are they just going through the motions every day. Are they stretching their minds for new possibilities. The truth is that both organizations and sales reps need to take more calculated risk especially during chaotic times. Calculated risk could yield huge dividends through measurable results. Even if it fails, it still provides valuable experience. Failure is only temporary, the insight and experience gained is worth its gold alone. Organizations along with senior management should initiate provocative steps to counter the slowing economy with offensive strategic planning and action. Sales reps should be motivated to take more measured risks, it will only serve to foster the right mindset that can deliver improved sales results.

A policy of calculated risk will work wonders and really motivate the sales staff. Sales reps will feel the trust from senior management and be more motivated to succeed. Motivation to seek out new opportunities for growth is what will set the thriving companies apart from the rest. Motivation and willingness to succeed should be addressed from top to down. It’s effective if sales reps can witness that their organization is allocating more resources towards a platform for sales success. In this case, motivation cuts both ways, sales management must be highly motivated to succeed regardless of what the economy is doing and the sales reps must dig deep within themselves to open more avenues to success. Sometimes the road to consistent success especially in turbulent times is paved in trial and error. At least the mindset to take calculated risk has much more upside than just maintaining the status quo. Organizations need to be open to forward thinking principles to motivate their sales team to higher levels of consistent sales results even in an under-performing economy.