Sales Training - Executing Effective Account Strategy

Sales reps need to execute different strategies when targeting accounts. No one account is the same so they must also approach each account differently. Account strategy is a process of a series of steps that need to be followed allowing for flexibility. It needs to be dynamic, too may sales reps follow a robotic step by step process.

Sales Training - Breaking Down Account Activity

Sales managers and their sales reps need to be on the same page when it comes to evaluating daily account activity. There is usually a blueprint defined by the organization, however there’s usually a gulf between the organizational requirements and actual daily activity performed by reps.

Sales Training - Tracking Goal Development

Before sales management evaluate the specific organizational goals for their sales reps, they must first assess how their reps formulate their own individual specific goals. Many organizations employ the S.M.A.R.T. strategy, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

Bring Them Up, Don't Knock Them Down

Organizations find it hard to keep their sales staff fully motivated. The slowdown in the economy as a whole doesn't help matters either. However the right attitude is key. Even in rough times, opportunities still exist in most places. The big mistake some sales managers make is putting too much pressure on the sales reps.

Sales Training - Desperately Seeking Sales Value

In a competitive business climate, organizations must constantly pose the question, why should prospects buy from us or why should they buy from our sales team. Furthermore they must seek to understand what value means to the organization as a whole, what lengths are they willing to go through to ensure value throughout the sales cycle.

Sales Training - Assessing Performance Development

Evaluating sale rep performance can take on numerous criteria, however mental fortitude is a critical component to delivering consistent sales numbers that appears often overlooked. Sales management have to take an in depth look into how their sales reps handle the pressure cooker situation that is modern day selling.

Sales Training - Analyzing Personal Sales Techniques

In hiring sales people, sales managers need to be intuitive and pay particular attention to body language and mannerisms. One could make a strong case that there are some people who have been in sales for a while and have performed adequately, however they probably should not be in sales.

Sales Training - Exploring Internal Drive

The energy and will power to succeed stems from one’s internal drive. Sales managers and senior management should pay particular focus and attention on exploring not only how much drive their sales reps possess, but also the vital nature of that internal drive and desire.

Sales Training- Searching Deep Behind Self-Motivation

A majority of sales reps grapple with self-motivation on a regular basis. Even the most successful reps sometimes struggle to keep doing the little things that are critical to their success, so one can imagine the constant battle within for the average performers. Just one or two months of missing quota can rear its ugly head and gather negative momentum.

Sales Training - Account Strategy, Expand the Scope

The modern day process of selling is undergoing transformation as companies strategize to gain a competitive advantage. Has your sales strategy adjusted accordingly? Sales managers and business owners sometimes find it hard to adapt to changing trends.