Sales Training - Spark Account Activity

Managing account activity of your sales reps is crucial especially if targets are missed on a regular basis. However sales managers must delve deep beyond mere account activity. They should determine how the particular account activity has progressed over time. The managers must find out how the account activity has evolved. What has the sales rep added? Have they in fact changed anything?

Sales Training - Goal Development, Isolate and Attack

To increase sales performance, sales managers must highlight essential areas of goal development for the sales reps to improve in. Even if the reps are lacking in many professional selling areas, it's best to identify and focus on one area for specific measurable improvement at a time. Next the manager must get the rep bought in on the need to practice and improve the targeted skill set.

Sales Training- In Search of Sales Inspiration

Business owners and sales management can take steps to inspire their staff to new heights. They should be transparent in communicating the actual business results of the organization. Incentive programs can be introduced to all employees and not just the sales team to foster better overall company performance.

Sales Training - Value From Customer's Perspective

The meaning of sales value can vary from one organization to the next and indeed differ from one sales rep to another. However the key is how the customer perceives the value. Organizations like coaches can call plays, but it doesn't mean it will work out. Is the customer truly getting the value the way the organization promised?

Sales Training - Measuring Performance Development

Most organizations employ some kind of sales coaching program; however many don't yield measurable results. The top performers continue to make up most of the revenue pie. How can organizations motivate the under-performers? Should they use more contests and more bonus money? The top performers are usually the most motivated anyway, they will win everything.

Sales Training - The Science and Art of Sales Techniques

One of the reasons that the top performers of each organization continue to bring in a bulk of the revenues is due to their superior sales techniques. Some sales reps are more adaptable than others. They don't use a one size fits all technique. They learn to adapt as the situation dictates, they don't need a script to stick to.

Sales Training - Measure the Internal Drive

We have all watched a sports game and noticed an athlete that may not be as naturally gifted as others, but he had a burning desire and drive to succeed. You noticed that they never gave up on any plays and contested at every possible opportunity. The internal drive to succeed is crucial is sales.

Sales Training - Finding Mother Inspiration

Inspiration is the brother of motivation, if not at least close cousins. Some would even argue that inspiration trumps motivation. One could simply say that inspiration provides the high octane gas that can fuel your motivational drive. In some circles, inspiration implies a higher calling, something divine that propels one to keep pushing on against the odds.

Sales Training - The Key to Unlock Self-Motivation

One could make the argument that self-motivation may well be the most crucial ingredient for sales performance. However evaluating motivation in a sales team is a complex matter. It's assumed that most sales reps are motivated by money of course and making their quota every month. However one must dig deeper and explore the internal and external factors that can affect motivation in a sales team.

Sales Training - Adjust Sales Strategy

Organizations need to keep a watchful eye on not only their overall company sales strategy, but also at the individual sales rep level. Sales reps are the foot soldiers in the field. They are in the trenches every day and well rewarded for it too, however they should also be able to chime in on decisions out in the field.