The SalesGym Challenge!The SalesGym Challenge!

Go ahead, print and ask your sales reps!

  1. Can you deliver our company’s mission statement powerfully?
  2. What were your last client’s goals within their particular niche or industry?
  3. Can you effectively articulate the competitive value proposition that won their last sale regardless of price?
  4. Can you articulate your last client’s goals as to what the product would achieve for them and at least name one competitive advantage feature they knew for sure the competitors didn’t have?
  5. Do you follow-up after the loss of a sale in case of competitor implementation issues and could name an example?
  6. Are you confident you can exceed quota month over month?
  7. Do you have a well thought out value proposition strategy to target a CEO?
  8. What is your company’s vision and competitive advantage for the changing economy?
  9. Do you have a strategy should your primary target prospect industries suffer a major collapse or downturn?
  10. Do you have partnerships with different sales reps or industry associations?

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