SalesGym Survey ResultsSalesGym Survey Results

A Few Interesting Survey Results

1000 sales reps in total were sampled from emerging to mid-markets in the SoCal area for the past 2 years. The study was broken down into about 10 major groups of about 50 to 100 and 3 sub-set groups of about 15 each. Each sample for the results below was at least 250 total.

My results show that most sales teams are operating at about 35% to 50% efficiency at the best case scenario for 65% of industries sampled.

Even if you are lucky and are on the high end of say 70% efficiency. SalesGym can still increase your sales performance and give your sales team an incredible competitive edge, the 3 Win Value System, the best partner.

We have an empirical study. You have done an internal test. What more do you need?

Bottom line is if Sales Reps learn to perceive value within their prospects, effectively manage a sales pipeline with likely to buy prospects and then execute their own personal goal oriented plans, they will stand a much higher chance for success. SalesGym is a major step in that process. Start with your underperformers and see them energized to new heights.

Turnover is expensive, it’s too easy to replace one underperformer with perhaps another with increased potential loss of earnings, re-training costs, benefits package. etc. Sharpen their mental tools and you will get increased performance. Give them access to more information.

SALESGYM will be one stop resource center for the sales mental workout, also relaxation and fun events, 3 win value system and you will provide internal support to sales reps. The best are doing different activities that others can learn.

Best sales reps had one thing in common, they see opportunities and value where their counterparts don’t. They succeed and prevail in most circumstances and fully understand the sales process, even when it seems they fail, they never really fail because they are just performing a mental workout. Sales is a rigorous process, sales people need to be better prepared. Bring them to SalesGym!!

I also sampled the unemployed as well. I held strategy sessions paid and unpaid. It’s important to know the mindset of your incoming sales people not just who can answer the right questions on your pre-screening.

Fixed monthly quotas are now no longer one size fits all. Quota derivation should be dynamic and flexible, needs sales rep to be bought in on the organizational goals and what it means to hit group targets, then also give team quotas quarterly etc.

3 win system will teach a new way of value to your sales people’s prospects. Prospects will become long term clients and partners in the true sense.

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