Same-sex marriage!!!Same-sex marriage!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today’s political mental workout for Political Thursdays explores same-sex marriage, not that between same sexes, but the union between the Republicans and Democrats to distract the American people. Both parties are in political wedlock to misinform and detract from the real issues that affect working people’s lives. It’s no coincidence that this issue comes around election time on both sides, the President of course hopes to rally his liberal base, while the far right Evangelicals portray him as the Anti-Christ, taking America down the morally corrupt road. The only same sex marriage the people need to worry about is both political parties working together to deceive them which is about the only time these entities will get together on anything. With Europe’s economy in further decline than even anticipated and now even the great Chinese juggernaut economy is showing signs of slowing down, you would think emphasis would be on positioning the US for the new world economy, instead it’s on what goes on in people's private lives.

In absence of any real solutions to the massive national debt and high unemployment despite what government statistics may show, both parties know same-sex marriage incites emotions. The media ignores the NDAA debate, the power to detain people without right to a fair trial or the Patriot Act violating privacy, instead they focus on same-sex marriage. Both parties would do anything to stay in power or gain control. The real truth is that over the past fifty years, society as a whole has become more tolerant of gays and lesbians. This cultural shift has gradually led to more liberal views of same-sex marriage which a majority of Americans support by a narrow margin. In another decade, more people will support it. In a thousand years, future generations will laugh at us that we denied equal rights to those that were different. If we really want to discuss controversy, we can go back to our Ancient Greek roots and discover that homosexuality was in fact encouraged in society, and that a significant number of politicians engaged in it.

Civil rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, animal rights, equal rights, human rights, can’t human beings just recognize individual liberty and each person's right to happiness. Treat others how we expect to be treated and all that good stuff that people say but, don’t practice. Should people be surprised that the President has changed his tune at this most opportune time, probably not, he’s a politician after all. Is who anybody marries anyone’s business besides the parties concerned? Remember separation of Church and state. Wasn’t this country founded on principles of freedom for all? Must the majority always dictate to the minority? At the end of the day, people can go to ballot boxes and exercise their rights to deny such unions, but they can’t really dictate what goes on in other people’s bedroom. What they need to do is wake up to the realities of a broken government and unfulfilled promises in an ever changing world with enormous challenges. How many times will Americans let the politicians and the media fool them? Don’t answer, it’s rhetorical! As always, I hope you enjoyed your political mental workout.