Sign on delivery!!!Sign on delivery!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays encourages you to sign on the dotted line when it comes to delivering your life’s goals. Accomplishing goals in life requires accountability and total commitment. Whenever you make goals, attach a timeline of delivery to them. Life’s goals are far too precious for the regular mail, you must send them via a 'sign on delivery' service. Somebody must sign on delivery, that somebody needs to be you. Goals can only go as far as you are willing to commit. Your goals should be labeled fragile, they must be handled with care. Goals can be easily broken, however when the right steps are in place, you can increase the likelihood of delivering them on schedule. Of course, be careful who you trust to handle your goals, the wrong people may misplace or mishandle the package. Your goals need to travel first class, it must be special delivery to ensure they reach the right destination.

Take the time to weigh your goals, assess what type of effort will be needed to accomplish them, where will the sacrifices need to be made. Measure exactly how achieving your goals will change the quality of your life. Add dimension to your goals, wrap them in a nice, appealing package to make them stand out. Don’t just place them on your mind’s conveyor belt and forget all about them, the brain sorts through package after package of routine monotonous agenda day in day out, important goals need to stand out. Assign a tracking number to your goals so you know what stage they are in every step of the way. Fill out the bill of lading for your life’s goals, assign a specific destination, commit to signing on delivery when you achieve it. Own your goals, make them unique, make it a package like no other. Be clear whether your goals are traveling a short or long distance, expectations of delivery is important, patience is critical.

There's no doubt that sending your goals via special delivery will cost more, perhaps that’s why so many people are content taking the regular mail route. One must pay a price for achieving their life's goals in the way of hard work and determination, something many are unwilling to do, some simply want it all overnight because they feel entitled to it. However it costs to play in the goal business, nothing travels for free in this world. You must pay your postage through sweat and grit, you may have to put in extra shifts, there’s no such thing as standard business hours, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Sometimes you do your very best and your package still ends up at the wrong destination, no worries, just start over again, you have now gained valuable experience, use GPS navigation to increase your chances of success the next time. There are no guarantees in an unpredictable universe, your insurance policy is experience and acquired knowledge as you go along. If you routinely account for your goals, you’ll become more effective and efficient. Achieving goals is magical when delivered, sometimes the original goal package has become bigger and more valuable along the journey, making it all the more rewarding. Remember you will never achieve goals you don’t send out first, start now and send them special delivery. Good luck and as always make it a communicative mental workout.