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Friday, September 28, 2012

Today’s mental workout concludes content marketing week by assessing the social network. For all intents and purposes, social media is the distribution and sharing of information across a broad audience. Social networking takes it a step further, seeking to engage and build a relationship with like-minded professionals with shared interests. The entire concept is something some business owners perhaps wished never happened, it really transformed the business world and that of information at the speed of light. As with some innovative transformation, nobody really knew what to expect, experts offered different strategies, it took a little while for everyone to come to grips with the initial phase. Now instead of utter confusion, we have progressed to just a little confusion. Bottom-line is you can never completely understand all there is to know, you just figure out several strategies to share your valuable content to your ideal target market, then test, learn, re-test, adjust and continue. It’s a learning curve for everybody, don't ever assume any expert knows it all. First there was the printing press,then telephone, radio, film, tv, internet, social media, then targeted social networking. It’s fair to say that the rate of speed of change for the internet and social networking has blown the others away, such is the way the world of information evolves. There are still plenty of twists and turns in the road of content ahead.

Facebook literally came from nowhere to dominate the world in much less than a decade, I have socks older than Facebook, perhaps Zuckerberg too. Facebook has been so transformative than some can’t even imagine a world without Facebook, and their status changes every minute prove it too. Since the platform is fairly new to the world of internet marketing, it’s a question of patience, just stake your claim and engage with your customer base. Be Transparent and provide valuable content, product reviews, solutions etc., eventually word of mouth will attract people. The Facebook business ads appear to be good value for the buck. It’s important to remember that most people go there to have fun and goof off a little, so captivate your audience with amusing surveys,contests, and free giveaways.

Twitter offers a superb platform to engage your target audience. If word of mouth is spreading your unique, valuable content, then you are definitely on the right track. Reach out to your role models and inspirational figures you admire, express some gratitude for their work, give them a reason to connect with you. Sharing the content of others also helps to show your consideration and humility. Linkedin provides the perfect platform for high-level business networking. However, remember millions of people are probably trying to do the same thing you are, so execute your value-first strategy. Find the individuals and groups you wish to connect with and deliver exceptional value. It works the same as anything else, don’t expect people to respond to you when you blast out marketing messages everyday. Create an impactful profile to attract your ideal client and make it easily searchable with your company's keywords. Reach out and connect with people across the world and observe the subtle nuances, notice how open South Americans and Europeans are to connecting, whereas the East Asian manner is more reserved.

Whatever you think about Google+, it enjoyed the greatest sign-up rate in social networking history, 25 million in less than a month and continues to add a million every couple of days. At some point, after continuous tweaking and revamping, it may take off and begin to dominate. One would have to imagine Google’s search algorithm will favor the sister platform, so get connected. Pinterest may have stolen away some of Google+’s thunder because it’s so unique from the other major social networking platforms. Pinterest has shown remarkable ability to drive traffic, sharing images and infographics consumes people’s attention. If you develop a network of like-minded communities, mutual content-rich information can be shared. Be sure to also check out Tumblr, Live Journal, Slideshare, and countless others that provide value. Thanks for hanging with us for content marketing week, enjoy your weekend, and as always, make it a social mental workout.