Software upgrade!!!Software upgrade!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays encourages you to download the latest software upgrade to your mind’s operating system for 2017. A new year means more evolution, more acceleration, more innovation. Staying up-to-date on the latest information is critical in life, imagine all those poor souls centuries ago who thought the world was still flat. It wasn’t their fault, they did their best with the information available at the time. Opportunities pass you by if you don’t keep up with the pace. Your mind’s operating system is only as good as the software you provide it. If you would like to keep the software on your system up-to-date, you may find it difficult and time-consuming if you have too many programs installed. Keep it simple for your mind’s operating system, scan at regular intervals to remove any negative bugs of self-doubt and fear. It’s natural for you to be comfortable with your outdated thinking software, however now is the time to embrace the 21st century mindset. You have the power within to create the life you desire once you download the latest software upgrade.

Beware of whether your software upgrades are coming from trusted sources. Unfortunately we live in a dangerous world where malicious programs lurk in the shadows waiting to catch you unawares and defenseless. These decoy programs in the form of Trojan horses act like they are your friends, but are really not. They seem and look like the real deal, but are very good imitations. Use the natural firewall of your mind’s operating system to build a defense mechanism. Be sure you download the latest security patches, there are also dangerous spyware programs that try and steer you the wrong way with annoying pop-us and fake error messages that slow down your mind’s operating system. Don’t pay any attention to any programs that steal your life’s passion, they’ll have you spinning your wheels and going around in circles. Guard your mind’s operating system with the utmost care, any programs that prevent you from quality thinking for yourself is dangerous. Do not leave yourself vulnerable.

Operating with the latest software will have your mind running at peak performance. Gain full control of your mind's destiny, you know best what works for you. There’s nothing like easy-to-use directions, follow your heart in life, the rest will play itself out. Don’t operate under a limited number of programs, gain access to a wide variety, strive to be well-rounded. The world moves fast, stay up-to-date with the newest and most relevant information, download the latest data in regular intervals. Double-check and cross-reference the data to check for accuracy. There’s a lot of people spreading mis-information in the world, don’t fall victim. Make sure your downloads are compatible with your passions and interests, your mind operating system is more efficient and productive when you get engaged and love what you do. Your mind’s applications run much smoother when you have confidence and self-belief. Perform the necessary maintenance required with frequent check-ups to ensure you are as effective as possible. Avoid dwelling on the past, live in the moment with an eye for the future, concentrate your energy on the present, challenge your mind to stay informed with new activities. Keep up or get left behind!