Spin Cycle!!!Spin Cycle!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays enters into the spin cycle of your mind’s washing machine. Doing the laundry of your mind’s thoughts and ideas is critical. We must routinely wash away the negative thoughts of clothes that stain our minds while creating colorful ideas that can enrich our lives. Before you start the laundry, sort through all the various thoughts and ideas made of different materials and colors, some will stand out, others may fade after the cleansing process. We are going to do things differently; you know how we do it over here, wash all the white, bland thoughts together with the colorful ideas. We are going to mix things up, perhaps new color combinations will emerge. New possibilities often begin to open up when we deviate from conventional thinking. All clothes of thoughts are not the same quality, some are made with tough, durable materials that can stand the test of time, wear and tear, and deep analysis, others may appear fine and silky smooth on the surface, but the material is made in China.

If you have some deep stains of negative oriented thoughts that are holding you back, it’s time to let go, pre-treat with extra strength detergent of positive meditation and affirmation. Negative thoughts drain your energy, make it easier to flush them all away in the rinse cycle. Watch the entire load volume, let’s not overburden your mind’s capacity. Before you start the washing machine of the mind for some deep cleansing meditation and analysis, warm up the water first by doing the things you love most or visualizing things that you are passionate about. Let the thoughts soak for a while, absorb their full implications. As the wash cycle begins, put your thoughts and ideas through rigorous testing. Examine all possible directions as the thoughts are tossed around through various angles. You can use the recommended settings or you can experiment a little, the important thing is to recognize each phase of your thought process. There’s always a natural progression cycle that occurs. Rinse out your thoughts by extracting every piece of information for every relevant idea. Next, gather the most promising thoughts and ideas and put them through an enlightening spin. Cut out all the impractical or useless ideas and focus in on the most promising ones.

As you put the best thoughts and ideas into the dryer of your mind, add some sweet fragrance to arouse instincts. There’s nothing like the sweet smell of success to engage all the senses. As your thoughts and ideas go through the drying spin cycle, look through the door window, be transparent and aim for total clarity, don’t allow anything to cloud your judgment. After the drying phase, you may find that even some of the seemingly great ideas can shrink completely, while others have stretched into new directions. Apply permanent press to staple the best thoughts into the fabric of your mind to dictate correct behavior, let your true colors shine through. Next, hang out your thoughts and ideas in the fresh air for a different perspective, express the texture and distinct characteristics of your personality and flair. Lastly, iron out all the kinks of your ideas, work out the fine points and details folding them into a nice, neat package. Be versatile and flexible, shoot to create unique combinations of ideas that can wow the world. Don’t ever worry about what other people think, maybe you’ll start a new trend. As always, make it a cleansing and revealing mental workout.