Stay curious!!!Stay curious!!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Today’s universal mental workout for Reflection Fridays examines one of the staples to progress in advancement of mankind, curiosity. Some may say curiosity killed the cat, the same folks that want you to believe things without experimentation or investigation for yourself. It’s probably better if curiosity leads to your demise than blind ignorance, always better to ask questions than follow along blindly. If our stone age ancestors weren’t curious of exploring outside their familiar territory, where would we be? If Christopher Columbus wasn’t curious about the world beyond his shores, where would we be? If Leonardo Da Vinci and the other Renaissance masters weren’t curious about the world about them, where would we be? The answer is back in the Middle ages, perhaps society would never have progressed enough to enable the foundation necessary for the likes of Newton and later, Einstein. Each one of these individuals asked questions and were curious enough to go looking for the answers. Do you ask questions and simply move on to the next task on your to-do list? Perhaps if you get the answer, great, if not, no skin off your back. Your questions about life and what you want out of it are as important as anybody else's. Be curious enough to get excited about answering questions life throws at you. If you are not noticing enough questions to ask, then something is certainly missing, open your eyes.

You may never find all the answers you are looking for, few do. Even when you succeed in finding answers, someone else may come along with a better one, that's the beauty of our infinite universe. Just enjoy the journey to find your own answers. The essential ingredient for curiosity is an open mind. For some reason as we progress through the ranks of schooling, our mind begins to close up step-by-step as we figure out what group of people we like to hang with, passions and career etc. Once we get immersed in our designated social groups, we tend to view life from a fixed and narrow perspective. We forget the lessons of our childhood, how curiosity for the world surrounding us led to our greatest personal development. Our eyes used to get bigger at the prospect of trying out new things. We had more patience for learning more tasks, it was easier to stick and persist till completion. Somehow everybody begins to gradually lose that excitement for a learning curve of adventure. Curiosity becomes replaced by familiarity and routine. Authority figures encourage us to just do things like others have always done, slowly but surely, all the individual curiosity we had dissipates. Before you know it, time passes and you end up unfulfilled in life wondering what happened.

It’s never too late to be curious about your life and the universe around you. Curiosity is establishing more connections with multiple parts of your brain. Curiosity will stimulate more neurons into action. Before you know it you will remember past events and things that can spark new ideas. Curiosity awakens the senses, your perception will improve as you connect the dots. Engage your own curiosity about where you are in your life at the moment and what it will take to get to where you desire. Play the curiosity game! Imagine what your life would have been like if you lived in the Bronze Age or perhaps the Middle Ages. What if you lived during the golden age of the Sahara or the jungles of South America centuries ago? Are you curious why the world is the way it is? Why we worship the celebrities of today? Why we always have conflict and wars? Why so many people on Earth go without basic necessities? Why the average attention span is so short? Why reality-tv is so addictive? Why different parts of the media interpret the same story opposing ways? Why only a handful of media organizations control news across the globe? Why the paparazzi is hounding yet another member of the royal family? Why society doesn’t learn from mistakes? Why we let bankers and politicians get us into a mess and expect things to change the next time around? Why some corporations want to literally own you? Why people will do anything for fame and fortune? Use curiosity to understand the big picture and build self-awareness in an infinite universe. Engage a curious, active mind to follow your own path in life, ask the questions that will open up a new world of possibilities. Don’t let life just happen to you, be curious enough to happen to it.