Stimulate itStimulate it

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If everybody succeeded the very first time in everything they attempted, how would the world be different. It would surely be boring if everybody always succeeded the first time. There wouldn’t be much excitement and thrill to experiment and tweak, expressing curiosity as to what went wrong, how can it be fixed, which possible way might yield better results. The brain is designed for stimulation, that’s what it craves. Don’t just give it a workload of handling every major function in your whole body, throw a party for it, let it have fun, give it more life, stimulate it to the max and watch the quality of your life change. Use failures and setbacks as a personal challenges to prove yourself to the universe. Show the universe that you are worthy of your human being status, take failure on the chin and come back even stronger and more determined. If most people in the world are likely to let failure defeat them, re-double your efforts after failure, be different and think differently, gain momentum and enthusiasm from setback. Go where others dare not, think how others dare not, act how others dare not.

Why does society tend to see failure as an end point in life's journey, how can you think differently.