Strings on a saxophone!!!Strings on a saxophone!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Today’s mental workout for relaxation Fridays is all about growing new connections in your mind by experimenting with some Baroque violins and jazz. Listening to music plays an essential role in relaxing especially as the stressful holiday period draws nearer. Listening to music was an essential outlet to most young people growing up. Use music as a conduit to your childhood days, get in touch with feelings you have lost touch with. Try to recapture your youthful exuberance to pursue your dreams in life before growing up knocked on your door. We cannot over-stress the importance of listening to music especially classical music or jazz to liven up those brain cells. Listening to music will decrease anxiety and stress and gear your body up for peak performance. It helps to center you and create a healthy balance. Music is for appreciation of life. Just take a few moments, escape the real world chaos of deadlines and chores.

For today’s mental workout, we are going to listen to the Baroque period. The music of JS Bach, Vivaldi and Handel dominated this period, however we are going to relax listening to some Corelli strings. It can easily be found on YouTube, he was an amazing violinist, ask Nicolas Cage. Baroque music with its slower movement (60 beats per min) is amazing brain music. It can really get those neurons stimulated and foster better thinking and creativity. You can also try Vivaldi’s Four seasons, his articulation of seasonal change is absolutely incredible. Vivaldi truly wrote from his heart, you can feel it. If you want more intellectual versatility, there’s none better than JS Bach. As the body becomes more relaxed, the mind is more alert and able to concentrate more easily. Studies have shown baroque music decreases blood pressure and enhances the ability to learn.

To add a little twist, after the Baroque violins, we are going to immediately change it up to some jazz saxophone by any of your favorites, I like Coltrane. As you listen to the music, be aware of how your thinking pattern changes. Find a few ideas you need to focus on and take notes with your varying thought patterns as each genre piece plays. You may get lucky like Einstein who used the violin strings to solve his equations. The violin also helped Thomas Jefferson craft the declaration of independence, whenever he got stuck, he practiced his strings to help translate the words on his brain to paper.

Then for a few minutes play both pieces together, for some it may well be the first time you’ve ever done this. The brain craves new sounds and new experiences. It will work harder to listen to the underlying tones of both types of music. Beautiful music affects the amplitude and frequency of brain waves, you should feel tingling sensations in your brain, braingasms as they are known in some circles. The quality of the blended music and its sheer complexity stimulates brain activity not only in the frontal lobes, but across both right and left hemispheres. Rest your eyes in a vision dominated world and let your ears take the lead for a change. Let the sounds penetrate your soul. Beautiful music is your universal gift so don’ t complain if you don’t get the Christmas gifts you desire most. While you are it, write your congress people to do just the same, heavenly music can penetrate even the thickest of skulls and break any gridlock. If each member learned to play an instrument besides their mouthpiece and their derriere, we would have national progress like never before. From our lips to their ears! As always, make it an eclectic mental workout.