Submit your resume!!!Submit your resume!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today’s mental workout for imagination Wednesdays encourages you to submit your resume to the life of your dreams. First things first, make sure you know exactly what you want to be in life before you apply. You have the power to be anything you want to be. You are a unique human being with special powers, make your life’s resume really stand out. It doesn’t have to be bland sent in on that standard, white thin paper like everybody else. Send yours in on bright, colorful paper, choose your favorite color and personalize it. Use thick paper that stands out and is firm to grip, thick means more substance. The hiring managers of your life’s wishes will immediately notice you are different straightaway, you have quintessence.

When you submit your life’s resume, you don’t have to use the same standard font like everybody else, add some vitality and pizzazz with font that nobody else uses. Be bold, use italics and even ALL CAPS to send your message loud and clear. You are a supreme human being, an innovator, you have the ability to march to the beat of your own pen, you dictate the format of your life’s resume. Don’t allow anybody else to dictate the terms or the words to your life’s story, do everything how you want to. Feel free to make all the typos you want to. Typos in the form of life’s mistakes are just a part of living. If you have the courage to dictate your life’s resume on your terms, you are bound to make a few typos. After all, you are writing new words and inventing innovative sentence structures nobody else has ever tried before. Forget all those academics with their strict guidelines and rules of formality and standard behavior. Accepted principles are supposed to evolve, “does thou still speakest” in bible talk or in Shakespearean language “ to thine own self be true.” Nobody speaks or writes like that anymore, nobody has the time to use up so many words. Times have moved on. Keep pushing the envelope of evolution. Don’t worry about mistakes, there’s plenty of white-out to erase them. Don’t forget to call on your friends to help you out should you need help proofreading, beware which friends you seek counsel from, make sure they are wise themselves and can spell of course.

When you type your life’s resume, you don’t need to go 100 words a minute. Take your time and do it right. There’s no rush, savor the experience. Make sure you are using the right words that describe you and what you want out of life. Write your goals and dreams in plain words that you understand. Don’t complicate things, life may be complex enough without you adding to it. Make things easy for yourself, do what makes you happy. You can submit your resume of life to infinite places, however it’s best to go where your true passion lies. You will know it’s a great fit when your juices flow right through you. The words will pour out on the paper effortlessly. Do what stimulates you; do what grows your brain connections; do what gives you more life.

Before you submit your resume to the life of your dreams, make sure you have done sufficient research, planning and preparation, it’s an unpredictable universe out there. Make your life’s resume unique and really stand out in the crowd of millions out there. Forget playing the numbers game and doing what everybody else is doing. Take your life’s destiny in your hands. Give your life’s resume the best chance of striking success. Today’s mental workout is to submit your resume on your own terms to the life that you desire. Life is for living on your terms, don’t just be alive, live this life to the fullest. Great luck and as always, make it an articulate mental workout.