Swim with the sharks!!!Swim with the sharks!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Today’s mental workout encourages you to master all the strokes in your swimming sport of life. Reaching your full potential in life requires endurance, patience and courage. In your swimming sport of life, you have to start out in the shallow end, get your feet wet as it were, before long you can summon up the courage to venture out into deeper waters. The secret treasure of life is buried in the deep, that’s why so few ever get to it. If it was a shallow gift, everybody would have access to it. Aspiring to your life’s dreams will take reaching into the depth of your character to swim into the deep waters and discover your life’s treasures. Courage to master the strokes is the first step. Learn to doggie paddle, get a feel for the water, maintain your balance and composure in unchartered waters, easy does it. There’s no need to rush in and become a master overnight, take your time and go through the progressions. Build up your endurance so you can do more and last longer. You don’t want to be lost in the sea of life with no stamina and energy just splashing around. Master the techniques and learn the swimming strokes of life which require rhythm and coordination of all your major body parts. You must learn to breathe properly and supply enough oxygen to fuel your entire body's system.

Navigating through the waters of life can be harsh and dangerous sometimes, however learn to keep your nerve. Risk and danger lurking in the water keeps you on your toes. It makes you alive. Risk is good for the blood. In your swimming sport of life, know when to be aggressive and use your powerful freestyle. Other times proceed with the grace of your breast stroke. The swimming sport of life requires variety and self-awareness. Learning to be adaptive and comfortable in the potentially dangerous waters that frighten so many others will keep you in the small minority. Sometimes the minority is the best place to be. Fear holds back a majority of people from swimming for their life’s goals. They want things easily, not willing to put in the time and commitment necessary to reach their dreams. Human beings were born with great potential to achieve incredible feats, however the majority never realize the power inside of them. Some are too frightened to even jump into the waters of chasing their life’s dreams. The others that do jump in, don’t take the necessary time to master the strokes, they end up swimming upstream and against the flow facing undue resistance every step of the way. This of course depletes all their energy, forcing them to give up, drowning their hopes of happiness.

It takes time and patience to develop the amazing skills of those excellent swimmers in life's fast lane. They face the same challenges and adversities as others do; only difference is they’ve found a way to deal with the elements. They’ve discovered the best technique that works for them. They’ve maximized their body’s efficiency bringing effectiveness in their life’s pursuits. Each stroke they take brings them closer to their goals. They don’t fatigue because of their superior technique and galvanizing the passion burning deep inside of them. They can swim with the sharks and hold their own. Don’t ever doubt there are plenty of sharks in your swimming sport of life. It just comes with the territory. Sharks will always lurk in the waters, they may scare so many others, don’t let them frighten you. You can always predict the behavior of sharks, you as a human being carry the power of unpredictability. Your potential is infinite. Learn to react and adapt in your swimming sport of life. Turn the tables and make the sharks worry about you. Never back down in the face of fear, strengthen your will, resolve and unbridled determination to reach your goals. Devote yourself to mastering the strokes that will carry you to the waves of your dreams. As always, enjoy your mental workout.