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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today’s mental workout continues with content marketing week, we are going to explore launching your website or blog based around the holy grail of the digital age, valuable, unique content. Before we begin, I just want to address a question asked about yesterday’s market research tips. Can anybody successfully produce content without being a recognized authority? The answer of course is yes. People must realize the so called authority experts don’t always generate their own content. In fact, starting out, they may hire ghost writers who may not even be native English speakers to produce their eBooks. However, over the past year, there’s been more of a demand for higher level content across the board. The main point to understand is that savvy internet marketers use people who may have less skills than you do to generate content. The difference is many people across the world see the potential of the internet and are willing to learn the skills needed for success. If you were ever able to research and deliver on a school project, then you can learn to run an online business based on your passion. It's a question of mindset, believe you can and you will. Be curious to learn the skills involved, try, experiment, fail, try again, keep improving daily. Take the necessary steps to join the new internet renaissance centered around value content.

Mobilize Offline

After you have produced enough relevant content from your market research and thorough investigation of the niche you desire, it’s time to get it up online. You may also want to incorporate an offline component to your online business. This allows you to spread your efforts across two platforms, there are numerous creative and unique solutions for co-working spaces to connect with other passionate entrepreneurs. It gets you networking and interacting with people who could benefit from your services. Leverage resources offline to build anticipation for your online venture, something many overlook. Running a strictly online business can be a lonely journey, network effectively to build sufficient support. Depending on your initial budget, find a reliable company or person to set up your website after registering your chosen domain. You can find web developers everywhere, ask for references and go with whoever provides the best ideas, logos, or sample pages. You want to go beyond just setting up a free blog on one of the hosted platforms, you can get whole websites done so cheaply nowadays. Be sure to consider your long-term content management strategy.

Keyword Research

Next you want to do some keyword research, so go ahead and type in some applicable ones for your niche. How would people who need your solution type it into Google? Hopefully through your market research, you are already familiar about the key players in your niche. It’s very important to discuss with your web developers about your SEO as the site is being built. Be curious enough to learn the ins and outs of keyword research on your own, what I teach is completely unorthodox, but it works for certain industries. We are big proponents of you learning for yourself and choosing which options suit you best, Google has great resources for targeting which keywords to pursue, but definitely get on the same page as your webmaster and device a strategy. Most web marketers are focused on SEO first, then content. We say put yourself in the minority, deliver exceptional content that attracts people to spread the word and want to link with your site. Again we emphasize you making a serious effort to understand keyword research for yourself along with Adwords and Adsense etc. It’s only resistance in your mind if you don’t want to take a little time out to learn it on your own. Curiosity and learning for yourself through trial and experimentation are vital components of making it online. It's crucial to get to grips about the components that drive search on the internet.

Deliver the goods

You should invest in some books about the psychology of sales. Learn why people buy things in general,whether music, appliances or everyday items. Use your market research to position your content online. How can you present it in a unique manner that comes across immediately. Remember people online are busy, you need to impact them instantly, they surely have multiple browsers open. Deliver content that moves people to take action and want to subscribe to more of what you offer. It means you have to uniquely present something never done in your niche before, perhaps propose an assumption that goes against conventional wisdom. Set up a blog to project your authority to attract an audience. Blog about your expertise, broadcast those results from your market research. Evaluate other competitive blogs in your niche and figure out how your approach can be unique and impactful. You should put up your free solution in return for emails. If you want to put up an ecommerce site, there are many out-of-the-box solutions to choose from. Test your product or solution on sites like eBay or Amazon to gain access to millions of people. Experiment with multiple price points and solutions. Syndicate some of your content for use in other channels, reach for potential partners. Show some imagination and spark your creative juices, plan effectively and execute consistently, you will get better as time progresses. Don't let anyone steal your experience by offering overnight magic solutions, be very careful. Believe in yourself and your ability to learn and progress, you can do it. Tomorrow’s mental workout will cover various methods of marketing your unique content. For some ideas on building traffic, please check out our prior blog post at www.salesgymusa.com/quality-traffic