Universal InspirationUniversal Inspiration

Thursday, February 2, 2012

If inspiration can’t be taught, perhaps it could be thought. If people understood the history of human development, it may make a significant difference. In today’s world where money dictates everything, it’s no surprise that we simply suffer from a lack of universal inspiration in some circles. The scientists and inventors of the past were inspired to contribute their gifts to humanity and the universe, not simply to make money. Some of the breakthroughs of early inventors and scientists astound their modern counterparts because of their lack of resources at the time. However they possessed the crucial elements of passion and heart, once these two components combine, the results could be infinite. So what they lacked in modern technology, they more than made up for it three-fold. To be driven by money is likely just mere illusions. To be driven by passion and genuine enthusiasm to give back to your universe will propel one with an unbelievable force.

What are you driven to contribute to your universe.