Unleash the Superhero inside of you!!!Unleash the Superhero inside of you!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today’s mental workout for superheroes Tuesdays provokes you to be the man or woman of steel in your life. You can be the superhero in your life that makes things happen, don’t wait for others to decide your destiny for you. Take it upon yourself to create the rewarding life you want for yourself and family. Superheroes are ordinary folks who simply take action. They don’t sit and wait for others to do it for them, they don’t wait for the president to magically improve the economy, they certainly don’t wait for Congress to act, we don’t have enough time in the world for that. Find the courage to take action towards the desired life of your dreams. Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes and sexes, but they all have one vital ingredient in common, courage. Look around at all the wonderful creations in the universe that others have contributed, you have it in you to achieve the same feats if you summon up the courage to take action. You will be in an exclusive club indeed.

Go ahead and be the hero in your life, stop waiting for someone else to do it or come up with a magic pill, derive luck through hard work dedication and enterprise or you could wait for the other kind of luck which may or may not show up. Carve out your niche in this universe through your innate skills and passion.
Life is for liberty, and pursuit of happiness, look at the constitution, I believe it’s in there somewhere. So ask yourself, are you really living a free and happy lifestyle, if not, what do you plan to do about it. Are you earning a living through your passion, if not, can you take steps to monetize passion in some way. Look around you, people are doing it, so why not you. Heck look no further than your screen, I am doing it. There’s evidence all around of people doing it. You can too. If you have any doubts about the great feats human beings are capable of, then press rewind and re-do your mental workouts. Everybody possesses the power to be anything they want in this universe as long they are willing to put in the hard work and sacrifice. Some get lucky and achieve success quickly, others may have to make their own luck through grit, determination and intense desire to succeed.

Put on your own superhero uniform, take off the uniform of the government and what others have given you. Find your own costume that fits you, that matches your passion and desire. Uniform means being like everybody else. Do we really want that. In an ever expanding universe, do we really what everybody else wants or should we strive to be unique. Find something you alone can contribute to the universe. It may not be easy, it may take trial and error, at least be willing to give it a try. It only takes courage to take action.

Just like some countries have to fight for independence, individuals have to fight for their freedoms as well, the more knowledge and information people possess, the better. Life is for information, turn information into knowledge, turn knowledge into wisdom through valuable experience. Life is what you determine it to be, don’t let others steer you down a path you don’t desire. In today’s world, the blind lead the blind in almost every level of society. The federal government can’t balance its own checkbooks, don’t expect them to magically fix everything for you. Big corporations are out for their own interests, if it makes profit to outsource every single job, they will find a way to do it. That’s what they exist for, to make profit, that’s what their minds are focused. When they get bailed out because they are too big to fail, they simply keep the profits, lay off staff and pay huge salaries at the top. We have 400 billionaires that make more than 150 million Americans combined. We shouldn’t point fingers at the super wealthy or seek to tax the heck out of them, most probably do work super hard. Class warfare is never the answer, just take steps to improve your own life through your own ingenuity, persistence and sacrifice. Stop putting all your trust in the govt to solve all your problems. The govt was unable to detect Madoff and all his fraud, what makes you think they can find others. Instead of perceiving the govt as one giant entity to save your life, see it for what it is, a collection of ordinary human beings who are primarily looking out for themselves. It’s a hierarchy of fear and sub-ordination, everybody just following orders from the top. We all know that most at the top know nothing of what goes on at the working class level. It’s going to take a modern day renaissance of mind power to expand the financial pie for everybody to partake. The universe offers limitless opportunities. The internet itself is still only at its beginning stages. So many of the world still don’t have access to internet yet, so make your move to position yourself now. Find a way to capitalize on all available assets to lead you to your desired future. Combat greed with ingenuity. It’s greed that causes market instability, it’s greed that causes real estate crashes, it’s greed that causes govt and corporate scandals. Open your eyes to the possibilities of the world around you, then plot a course to take action.

Today’s mental workout is to please pass this along to at least 9 people in your circle of friends, family and colleagues who possess our universal currency of courage. We are looking for people of courage to join our mental workout program Oct 10 to mid Jan. People of courage who can apply their passion, desire and determination to our 9 step program to unleash their power potential to the universe, to unleash the superhero inside of them. As always, make it a great mental workout.