Variety of optionsVariety of options

Monday, September 17, 2012

Besides the personal support group, you want to develop a social support group. Enlist others outside your personal group who you can also hang out with on occasion. It’s important to participate in various support groups comprised of different people in different industries. The more varied, the better. You need to develop a mindset to mix with all types of people from all different backgrounds. You will be developing a more well-rounded worldview which will broaden your horizons. You would be surprised how you can attain valuable information from those not in the least connected with your endeavor. We are all of course aware now that 6 degrees of separation is now more like 3 degrees with the saturation of social media. So think in terms of the more groups you are able to find time and really contribute and associate with, the more options you will create for yourself. Options are great, that’s what we seek to do, set up options in the future which can hopefully be converted into opportunities. The important thing is to be valuable to your support groups, make sure you are truly interested in them as well, don’t make it a solo show for yourself. Give them your time and input as well.

How can you effectively network in the new age beyond the old traditional methods?