To the victor goes the spoils!!!To the victor goes the spoils!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today’s mental workout seeks to salute all human beings for being born. Congratulations on getting front row tickets to a special place in the universe, Earth where you can truly be all you can be. You are master of the universe, you have been victorious, you have conquered the cosmos. You’ve survived ice ages, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and much more. Whatever the universe has thrown your way, you have defeated. You are the star attraction in your own feature movie. You are the main event, other creatures look upon you with jealousy, you are the master of your domain. Lions wish the days they could so easily feast upon you will return, but for now your superior weaponry keeps them at bay. Birds wish they could be sole masters of the sky again, but for now they have to watch out for 500 tons of Boeing metal at takeoff. Chimpanzees, our closest relatives (sharing 95% of our genes) stare in amazement and wish they could crash the human party, but oh no, so near, yet so far. The galaxy marvels at how you discovered gravitational theory and conquered space, special shout out to Sir Issac. Wow to be human is to be truly remarkable. Celebrate your race, the best race, the most superior race, the human race.

Now that you are indeed glad to be human and alive, go out there and live it up. Find your thing in this world that makes you truly happy. You already have such a wonderful life in which you can achieve anything you truly put your mind to, why ask for anything more. Look around at all the beauty in nature, could you possibly dream up a more remarkable world, well I guess you can probably think up a few more things, but this early morning show is PG rated. Find what gives you more life, you only have about a billion things to choose from and you only need to find one. Others have done it, why not you. Big difference in just being alive and living. Life is for the living, join the ranks of the living, be a general in your own army, you won’t even have to salute anybody. Today’s mental workout urges you to go out there and be all that you can be. Good luck, as always make it a great mental workout.