Warm temperature!!!Warm temperature!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays enters the faucet of your mind's flow. Your mind operates under two primary settings, the left brain side representing cold, logical and calculating thoughts. On the right side, we have hot, fiery and passionate thoughts. The key is not to be too much of one side, we all know what happens when you become too cold-blooded. At the same time you can’t always operate from a hot and fiery temper either, you need to find that fine balance of combining the left and right brain to create a warm stream of ideas. You discover that magic compromise that creates the powerful flow of ideas that become balanced with right brain passionate imagination and left side execution. In a fast moving world, you need to stay on your toes, ensure you keep your faucet updated with the latest improvements. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest faucet in the world trying to show off to all your neighbors, your mind’s faucet just needs to be up-to-date and efficient allowing those brilliant ideas to flow.

In our abundant universe of energy, your mind’s energy if allowed to flow freely follows the path of least resistance. Find the passion in what you were born to do, you will create infinite energy to pursue your talents. Ideas will stream through your mind’s faucet effortlessly, that’s the way you were designed. Get your mind wet and turned on to the life you want to live. If your stream is not flowing powerfully, you are not engaging all your positive energy capabilities. Get the warm spirits circulating in your system, activate those red blood cells of passion. Your mind is the most beautiful place in the world when everything is flowing nicely. Your powers of creation stem from your natural flow. There’s never any need to fake it, your authentic flow will always shine through, it will show in the quality of your mind’s reservoir. Set the right temperature for your mind’s energy to flow like water to the infinite seas of your dreams. Your mind’s water has no definite shape or volume, you can be anything you desire to be and there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Take careful notice when your mind’s faucet is pouring out murky water. Your pipes may be rusty, you need to clear away all the rut and debris of negative thoughts. Take steps to remove anything that prevents you from enjoying your natural and clear mind-flow. Be careful who you allow to fix your mind’s leaky faucet, make sure anyone that influences your thoughts knows what they are doing. A faulty mind faucet will lead to faulty thoughts. Ensure your faucet is not insecure, it’s hard to build confidence if that’s the case. Life becomes much more enjoyable when all your plumbing is functioning correctly. You were created warm blooded for a reason, go ahead and engage the emotions that bring warm temperatures to your heart. Powerful emotional energy leads you to take action to the life of your dreams. Immerse yourself in a positive stream, release those creativity juices of your passion. When you set your mind’s faucet to the ideal temperature, it will pour out that positive cash flow of success that you desire. As always, make it a free-flowing mental workout.