Wheel of Fortune!!!Wheel of Fortune!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Motivation Mondays encourages you to spin the wheel of your life’s fortune. To spell out the phrase of success for your life’s endeavors, it requires patience and a plan to execute a step-by-step process. Before you can win, you must be brave enough to spin the wheel, the good spin of course, not the kind when you spin your wheels and don’t get anywhere. Complete your life’s phrase by spinning the wheel and taking things step-by-step, letter-by-letter as they come. You will have to do more than chase life’s consonants which can be found everywhere by everyone, you will have to search deeper to spell out the treasure of life’s vowels by focusing on your passion. Pursuing your passion will unlock the right letters and combination to that winning phrase that brings life’s true meaning. Your passion can lead you to spell out countless opportunities you never even contemplated. In the beginning, you may flounder around a little as you seek the right letters that suit you, however, if you stay focused, more clarity will come as the letters of life begin to reveal themselves and make more sense.

Fortune favors the brave, remember, the original meaning of fortune in Latin is luck. Luck favors those willing to spin the wheel. Get luck on your side through hard work, sacrifice and determination. Even more fortune favors those willing to go beyond the letters they are familiar with. If you push beyond your comfort zone to explore letters of other languages and cultures, you can open up a new world of possibilities. There’s so much to learn and understand beyond standard letters you were brought up with. Those standard letters can represent different values and symbols in other cultures that will make you more universally well-rounded. You can open up infinite letters of success in your world as long as you believe in yourself. Find the right letters that fit your personality and natural flair, spell out a unique version for yourself. To solve your life’s puzzle, it’s going to take plenty of trial and error. Don’t worry, it happens to everybody, never pay attention if others laugh at you when you misspell in the form of mistakes. Those without courage to spin the wheel of their life’s fortune are always quick to point out faults. The world belongs to those brave enough to get in the game and spin life's wheel.

In spinning your life’s wheel, sometimes you end up on top, other times on the bottom. It just comes with the territory, you have to take the good with the bad. It’s all part of the mysterious universe, you never know exactly how you’ll end up. Embrace the challenge, remember that more good things await you than bad things. You always have the ability to turn negative situations into positive, that’s the supreme power inside of you. Maintain your resolve at all times. Pick up your intensity and effort after a bad spin even if it lands you in bankruptcy. All throughout history, some of the greatest achievers have come back stronger and better from bankruptcy, with high reward comes high risk. The best thing you can do is polish your powers of anticipation to take calculated risk. Learn to recognize trends, read between the lines of letters. You will instinctively get better as you go along. Always prepare for the worst case scenario, it’s not negative thinking, but rather conditioning your mind for an unpredictable universe. What your mind has already envisioned will lessen any impact of serious failures should they occur. As you spin through the rounds of your life’s fortune, you will gain momentum when you approach the final jackpot of the closing stages. Keep going till you spell out the words of passion that bring poetry to your heart. Use your imagination to construct different words and phrases that others haven’t thought of, whatever happens, have fun and enjoy the experience of your life's wheel of fortune. As always, make it a fortunate mental workout. Best of luck to those bracing for the hurricane on the East Coast.