For whom the bell tolls!!!For whom the bell tolls!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays inducts one of the greatest and most courageous writers of all-time, someone so dedicated to his craft, he put himself in harm’s way, the legendary Ernest Hemingway. If there was ever a definition of writing from experience, it would be Hemingway. As an aspiring writer, instead of following his classmates to be an English major at College, Hemingway had other ideas, he headed off to the Italian front of WW1 as an ambulance driver of all things. That’s Hemingway in a nutshell, he paved his own way seeking to live life on his terms. After witnessing death up close and personal and experiencing his own very close call, the teenage Hemingway was forced to grow up very fast indeed. He also developed a fascination for ultimate courage in the face of death, this eye opening experience served as the basis for his novel 'A farewell to Arms.'

Hemingway’s writing style has always been a point of debate. Even though he’s one of the most celebrated writers ever and indeed a Nobel prize winner, there are many critics and even established authors who dismiss his style as simplistic and almost childish. Because Hemingway had begun as a short story writer, he was very proficient with his word use. Hemingway’s short declarative and straight to the point style was to unearth the truth of the situation, in his view, literature was not about the writer showing off an elite power of vocabulary and flair. In essence, Hemingway revolted against the dominant elaborate nineteenth century style of writing, again he sought to write on his own terms innovating the craft.

Hemingway was a man’s man, however he had an insightful talent for depicting women and his views of the nature of attraction between the sexes. From his writing he portrayed that women had the same ability for courage as men. However some women denounce his seemingly male-centric aptitude for hunters, bull fighters, and soldiers. In any event, Hemingway strove for authenticity in life. His prose awakens the spirit inside you. His larger-than-life appeal draws you inside an invigorating world, a habitat of nature where every second of life is precious whether in war, bullfighting, big-game hunting, or trying to survive in Earth's wilderness. The never ending heroic call to action that one should fight for what they believe in and according to their own terms. It’s hard not to be captivated by Hemingway’s style of writing, his approach gave birth to the minimalist movement in American fiction. His genius was his ability to draw out a picture for the reader to complete and draw their own conclusions. He provided detached descriptions of action in that he avoided describing the thoughts and emotions of his characters in a direct way.

Hemingway was a true visionary who inspired a change in how people would write, speak and think, without doubt, one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. Hemingway has had an enormous influence on writers, mainly because of his unique writing style. His ability to use simple nouns and verbs, but still capture the scene precisely influenced the likes ranging from Joyce, Scott Fitzgerald, JD Salinger to Kerouac and Marquez. Hemingway’s existence was a journey of adventure in life from Italy, Paris, Spain, Africa and Cuba in which he brought us all along. It was also a journey to critical success culminating in the enormous popularity of the Pulitzer prize winning 'Old Man and the Sea,' his last novel published before his untimely death. Hemingway was one of a kind, we conclude with some of his parting words from 'For Whom the Bell Tolls,' "There is nothing else than now. There is neither yesterday, certainly, nor is there any tomorrow. How little we know of what there is to know.”