Wonder Man!!!Wonder Man!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays inducts a legendary figure, somebody that can teach us all something about playing with the hand the universe deals you, the great Stevie Wonder. Stevie may not have seen the beauty of the universe with his own eyes, but you can be certain his power of imagination has taken him to miraculous places others could never dream of. Some people throw a fit when they lose power for a minute, imagine being born blind in such a visual world, yet triumph to reach the very top of your profession. Indeed, Stevie Wonder may be the ultimate musician, the perfect marriage of melody and lyrics whose sounds have been sampled across multiple genres far and wide. Stevie is living proof that when you throw convention out of the window, the possibilities are endless like the universe. Stevie Wonder is an indisputable genius of music. He may not have received the universal gift of sight through an accident of a premature birth, but he was certainly bestowed with the gift of music. Steve’s unique heightened sense and awareness of sound enables him to create incredible music never witnessed before. Furthermore his curiosity to create and experiment pushing the boundaries of sound make him a true grand master on the level of the Mozarts and Beethovens of the world. As remarkable is how Stevie carries the torch for positive spirit in the world, so many people become affected by negativity finding all sorts of excuses not to fulfill their potential. Stevie may not be able to see, but we all should follow the lead of Earth's shining star.

The genius of Stevie Wonder was his unique versatility, he displayed the Da Vinci insatiable appetite for growth and range. Stevie never wanted to restrict himself to one type of sound or style. He brought to the table an exceptional eclectic brew of soul, funk, rock and roll, pop, jazz, RnB, reggae and African elements. Stevie transcended beyond just a sum of the parts, he blended it all into his own personal form of expression. After all isn’t that what music should be about, bringing individual expression not just copy, clone and sample. Stevie Wonder is a virtual one-man band that produced incredible sounds that pierces the heart and soul, he revolutionized the world of RnB in the coming-of-age decade of the 70s. From his numerous albums over the years, Innervisons and Songs in key of life stand out as unparalleled works of art. These albums literally flow like an artist painting on canvass. These are albums you can play from beginning to end every day for the rest of your life and still engage a different sensation every time. Stevie took conceptualism in music and turned it into his own language, he truly is a master of song writing, lyrics, production and heavenly arrangement. Stevie took complexity and eccentricity of composition and produced sounds that stretched the ears of human capabilities. His energetic creativity has inspired many an artist to push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of. Stevie commands respect everywhere he goes, he evokes remarkable feelings from even celebrities, an absolute delight to witness. Of course, Stevie has won every award under the sun, he has achieved more than thirty top 10 hits and racked up an incredible twenty-two Grammy Awards, the most by any solo artist. Stevie has even won an Academy award for best song, but he will forever be remembered for courage in music and will always have a huge mansion in all our hearts.